World Cancer Day 2020

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I think I spent 5.423 minutes looking through my phone for an instagram picture to post today.

I mean what picture can celebrate #worldcancerday.

You probably think it’s weird that one, there is a celebration for cancer and two, why would I join in.

I hear you. It sounds strange.

But here’s what I know.

I hate cancer.

I hate the physical and emotional pain it has brought to my husband.

I hate that it has taken both of my grandfathers.

I hate that it recently took my sister in law.

I hate how scared it makes me.

I hate the warm tears it frequently brings.

And yet beyond the hate I am grateful.

Not for the disease or the pain it delivers but for how it has changed my life for the better.

I am grateful that it pushes me beyond my limits and allows me to fully trust in a Heavenly Father that I know is faithful.

I am grateful that it has shown me my truest and highest priorities and gives me the courage to say no to anything that isn’t one.

I am grateful that it encourages me to love others like today is our only day.

I am grateful that it reminds me to celebrate my small wins everyday.

For these reasons I celebrate cancer.

And even more, I celebrate every single person who has been touched by cancer.

From patients to loved ones, I celebrate you.

The talented Britney Tarno took this photo of me last month on my women’s retreat.

I had sat down to try and get a picture in the sand and the waves came crashing in.

I remember laughing so hard because I knew I was on camera and now I was soaking wet.

I love this picture though because it reminds me even if the waves are crashing over us we can laugh and just soak in the moment.

We can create our own joy every day no matter what our circumstances.

Keep celebrating friends.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey