When in Rome

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Traveling to Rome was never really high on my travel bucket list. But I had the opportunity to go Italy for a travel conference in Milan and was able to convince my husband to join me over Valentine’s day weekend.

I let him choose what city we went to and he chose Rome. As an architect, he studied so much of the Roman architecture and history that he thought it would be a fun place to explore.

And oh it was!

We had the most amazing time! Even with two adorable little boys at home who we missed while we were gone, it was sooo hard to come back from our little “Roman bubble” filled with late night strolls holding hands, long conversations over delicious meals, five full nights of actual sleep and lingering kisses from morning till night. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was the awesome tour by Italy Segway Tours. Before the tour, we ate at one of the only restaurants we could find that was near the Colosseum. I thought there would be more places to eat but we didn’t come across many. I was happy we stumbled upon this place. Look at the view! The food wasn’t exceptional but with a view like that who can complain.

We did the walking tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. It was a gorgeous day and there were so many people at the Colosseum so I was grateful for our tour guide who took us straight to the front and we were able to skip the long line.

As you may know, I love to work with companies that are thoughtful of their customers. The service that Italy Segway Tours provided, especially our guide, was generous and exceptional. I have unfortunately experienced many tours that I would never recommend but I am delighted to share this one with you. Our guide was thoughtful of each guest that was part of our tour and made sure each person was comfortable and had all of their questions answered at all times. Our guide really wanted each traveler’s experience to be delightful and it was.

The Colosseum is truly a sight to see. The pictures, although pretty, just don’t do it justice. Being there, remembering the history and soaking in all the details is pretty magical.

We loved the Colosseum so much we decided to go back later in the week. Unfortunately the second day we went it was pouring down rain and we didn’t book a tour. That was a big mistake. We stood in the rain for over an hour to get tickets. If I could go back, I would book another tour even though we had already been just for the convienience of skipping the line and getting where we wanted to go quickly so we could have more time to explore. Trust me, the guided tour is 100% worth it.

We did not go down inside the Colosseum but I know you can other book tours to do so. I know this would be really fascinating, especially if you are into the history of the Colosseum and gladiators. Seeing how big the Colosseum is is pretty amazing.

After we finished looking around the Colosseum, we walked over to the Roman Forum. Even though our guide provided us with lots of facts and great information on each of the locations we visited, I wish I would have done a little more research before we left and would have loved to have been more educated on this area. It was full of history everywhere your eyes could see and was really beautiful.

After walking the Roman Forum we took a short gelato break. We went to a small gelato shop not far from the Roman Forum and were able to pick from a variety of flavors. The cost of the gelato was included in our tour too! I chose pistachio and chocolate. They were both really yummy and refreshing! One should always stop for gelato multiple times a day in Italy!

We then headed to II Vittoriano or “The Wedding Cake” building. As a destination wedding planner, I found some humor in this as I can certainly see the resemblance. It does kind of look like a really big, elaborate, all white wedding cake! Italians may not love it, but I thought it was a beautiful building. Plus it has an amazing view! Make sure you take the elevator all the way to the top to the Terrazza delle Quadrighe. There are 360 degree views over the heart of Rome and it is breathtaking, especially at sunset.

The tour was a little over three hours long but we got to see and learn so much about these three historical sites. I said this above but I want to say it again. Take a guided tour. Even if you think you know everything about the location, having a professional show you around and all the tips and tricks is worth the cost.

I was sponsored by Italy Segway Tours for this tour but all opinions are my own. I was very happy with the customer service before the tour and the tour itself was one of the best parts of our entire trip so I can’t say enough about Italy Segway Tours. If you want to book a tour or have any general questions, please let me know. I love talking about Italy! Ciao!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey