Week Two Summer Bucket List Challenge 2018

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It is Week Two of the Summer Bucket List Challenge and we have officially kicked off Summer!

I created something new this week and want to share it with you! I know there a lot of different feelings toward screen time but my personal view is ‘the less the better’. But I also know how much my son loves watching his favorite shows and playing video games so I want him to be able enjoy these too.

If I can make something a game, it is 99% more likely to be accomplished so I created this “game” to earn screen time. I am going to test it out over the next few weeks and see what the ‘magic number’ is for each category but for this week we are going to start with doing one activity from each category. After one activity from each category is complete then you earn screen time!

I have the list of options to choose from hanging in my pantry and then I will give my son a copy of the blank squares. I laminated this sheet so we could use over and over again. We are going to be working on handwriting this Summer so I am going to make him write the activity in the square once its complete and then he can turn it in and be awarded screen time of his choosing. I think this simple chart could work for children of all ages! Print these out (download a free copy here) and let me know how well they are working for you!

While I was working on these I was reminded that I should be trying to accomplish items in each of these categories in my own daily life. I know often as busy moms we are quick to put ourselves last but I find the more time I give myself the more I have to give. I recently read a quote that said we should be more ‘selfish’, that it’s ok to be ‘selfish’ as a mom. I 100% agree with this but I don’t love the word ‘selfish’ and I don’t think it resonates with my heart or many other mama hearts. I am striving to live a more ‘thoughtful’ life so I prefer to use this term as it connects more with my heart. When I am more ‘thoughtful’ of myself and I put a little thought into my self care I am ultimately a better mom, wife, friend and all around human. Will you join me in being more ‘thoughtful’ of yourself this week as you fill your own boxes with more than just options from “tidy and clean”.

Ok ok, back to the Summer Challenge and away from all this “self care” talk. I know that word makes some you uncomfortable and some of you aren’t even sure what “self care” means. Haha.

My oldest son Gabriel had his last day of school on Friday and we celebrated with Waterguns + Watermelon! Last year I knew I wanted to start a fun last day of school tradition but I knew it had to be something that was easy and that I could continue year after year. I settled on Waterguns + Watermelon and we had so much fun running around the back yard shooting each other with water guns!  Gabriel anticipated it this year and was so excited to do it again! My youngest son Connor wasn’t as thrilled getting shot at by big brother but overall we had a great afternoon despite a few tears.

Waterguns + Watermelon is also the first item we checked off on our Summer Bucket List. Have you started your list yet? If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, I invite you to do here. You will have access to a printable copy of my Summer Bucket List and a copy of a blank one so you can create your very own!

Here is what we have on the agenda this week! 

Monday June 4: Giveaway from Slumberkins! Make sure you enter to win on my Instagram!

Wednesday June 6 : Announce Giveaway Winner on Instagram!

Thursday June 7: Join me for “Let’s Talk Thursday”. We will talking about Summer Chores for kids!

Friday June 8: Check the Facebook Group for ‘Foodie Friday’ and a fresh new recipe!

Friday June 8: Dallas / Fort Worth Play Date at Kylde Warren Park. It’s free but make sure you Register!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey