Week One Summer Bucket List Challenge 2018

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Friends! It’s finally here!

Well technically its starts on Sunday May 27, 2018 but I am so excited I am sharing a little early!

The 2018 Summer Bucket List Challenge!

If you haven’t heard of this before or maybe you have seen it but aren’t sure what this challenge is all about, I am happy to let you in on all the details!

Let’s start with what the challenge is not. The Summer Bucket List Challenge is

Not another to do list. 
Not a time to play the comparison game with other mamas. 
Not supposed to be stressful. 

Now that we got that over with, let’s talk about all the good things that it is!

The Summer Bucket List Challenge is 10 weeks of:

Easy Summer Recipes
Fun Activities for Summer
Play Dates

If all of those things above weren’t enough, let me tell you my heart behind the challenge.

Last year I struggled over the Summer.  It was my first summer with a baby and my oldest who had just completed Kindergarten. I was trying to juggle keeping both of them engaged while also running multiple businesses. I am a full time working mom but I work from home 90% of the week so having both kids at home 24/7 was quite honestly overwhelming and I even have the most amazing nanny that helps a few days a week.

I felt a lot of guilt. We didn’t spend near enough time at the pool or on playdates. I didn’t enjoy the Summer at all. So this year as we go into Summer I wanted to make a plan for success. I truly believe that planning is the key. I plan my meals weekly, I plan my calendar daily, weekly and yearly, I even plan ahead for holidays so why had it not occurred to me to plan for the Summer is beyond me. I blame mom brain because that is real my friends.

I want this challenge to be where you know you have a few things planned, make your Summer Bucket List  and have no guilt. Your kids will be happy, you will be happy and your summer will be filled with more fun and more joy. Join the challenge and have access to a printable copy of my Summer Bucket List and a copy of a blank one so you can create your very own!

Your children may already be out of school or you may still have a week or less to go. My son still has one more week and we are counting down the days! You can download a free copy of our countdown HERE.

I wanted to have the week before school got out as part of the challenge so that we could spend a little time preparing.

I am breaking it down into four categories of how I am preparing this week for Summer:

1. Outdoor Space

Whether you have a beautiful oasis for a backyard or maybe just a small patio off an apartment, having a dedicated space outside provides opportunity for lots of Summer fun and maybe a little relaxation too. I do not have a pool nor do I have a large backyard so we are keeping it simple. Here are a few things I am going to have on hand:

Kiddie Pool – I have a toddler so these are amazing for a quick dip. I have also filled them up with balls and the kids love this activity too!

Sprinkler Toy – I loved playing in the sprinkler as a kid. This is a must have for any backyard with kids of all ages.

Bubbles – I love all kinds of bubbles and so do my kids. I stocked up at the dollar store on small bottles that they can individually use and large bottles to fill up the bubble machine.

Picnic Table – I saw these adorable kids picnic tables at Ikea but they were never in stock so I ordered this one from Amazon. We do not have any trees in our backyard so having a place to sit with some shade will be nice for the kids this Summer.

Sand Box – My sister in law has this amazing outdoor natural sand box. I wanted to create something similar but my husband said ‘no’ to digging up the side of the yard. So instead, I have opted for a small bucket and filled it with sand and trucks. I think it will be hit with the boys and it was super easy!

Water Play – I love water. I find that is healing, comforting and just all around fun. Luckily my boys do too. I mentioned above I got a small kiddie pool but I also setup a simple water station. I used a small bucket and added a variety of cups and a water pail from the dollar store. Connor has already ventured into this and I get at least a full thirty minutes of uninterrupted time to check emails or catch up with you on instagram while he is playing in the water!

2. Pool / Beach Bag 

I dream of living by the beach one day and having a true beach bag ready to go on a daily basis but for now that is not my reality. But we do have access to multiple pools and I have found a ready to go pool bag helps me get out of the house with less stress on our pool days.

Swim Diapers
Bug Spray

I know there is a lot of debate about sunscreen and as a family who has been touched by cancer, I truly believe in minimizing toxins as much as possible. Because of this I am “that mom” when it comes to sunscreen.

I have tried lots of brands but last summer I fell in love with Babo Botanicals. It smells oh so good and doesn’t leave as much ‘white’ residue as some of the other natural brands we have tried. They have it in a spray, lotion or even a stick. I like to mix the lotion with a touch of coconut oil so it goes on quickly and smooth and you will find me chasing my children all summer long as I try to spray them down using the Babo Botanicals spray.

3. Snacks

Oh the snacks! Does anyone else’s grocery bill quadruple during the Summer? I know for a fact that my child doesn’t eat this way during the school year. I guess sun and fun make you hungry as a growing kid but this mama can’t seem to keep up! I stocked up on some of our favorite snacks and may try to make a run to Costco just to make sure we have enough.

4. Play Dates 

You may be thinking why play dates are part of the prep but seriously, hear me out on this one. As mamas we need to community. God created us for community. He wants us to have a support system and to love on each other. Don’t get caught up in your own schedule (like I did last Summer) and not get out and spend some time with other mamas. Whether you attend one of our scheduled play dates or you have your own, this time is not only good for you but your kids will love spending time with other kids too. Put a few of these on your calendar now.

What are you doing to prepare for Summer? Share with me your tips over on the private facebook group! We are having conversations every day about fun things to do with our kids, how to survive Summer, easy recipes and lots more! Join the Challenge HERE!

This post was sponsored by Babo Botanicals but I truly love the product and you will find me and my kiddos wearing it all Summer long!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey