We Adopted.

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August 2015

Many of you may know that my husband and I have been trying to start a family for almost five years. I never imagined infertility being part of our story, but it has made me stronger, more patient and I am unexpectedly grateful for the trials we have experienced.

Last year we started the adoption process and having been praying for our child and their birth parents for many many months.

On Friday afternoon we got a call and the opportunity to adopt a 4 year old little boy. One of the first things I did was open up my scriptures. I typically don’t play rush and roulette with scripture, but when I opened my bible the first verse I read was Corinthians 1:9 “God is faithful.” My husband and I prayed and pondered and knew this was God’s answer to prayer.

Friday evening we jumped in the car and headed to Utah. We spent the weekend meeting our new son and were able to tell his birth mom how thankful we are for her decision and how brave she is. We witnessed the greatest act of selfless love possible as another mother said goodbye to her child and placed him in my arms instantly making me his mom.

The past four days have been filled with tears, joy, happiness, overwhelm and gratitude. We could not be more excited to welcome this adorable little boy to our family.

On Friday morning I had no idea that I would become a mom that evening. Becoming a mom is something I have dreamed of almost my entire life. I have prayed for sleepless nights and wanting to be tired, really really tired. I have prayed for the opportunity to have to pick up toys and to step on tiny trucks in the most inopportune times. I have prayed for my beautiful clean house to be taken over with messy little fingers and toes. Over the years I have begged and pleaded to know the joys and trials of motherhood. The past few days have been filled with all of these and more. I am really really tired. There are toys and trucks all over my house and my brand new living room chairs have been introduced to popsicles, red popsicles.

I am beyond grateful and have never felt so much love or happiness.

With this exciting news, I am happy to announce I will be going on “maternity leave” for a few weeks. Clayton and I are so excited to be parents and are looking forward to transitioning into a family of three. I sincerely appreciate all of your love and support and look forward to getting back to work with even more purpose.

P.S. A few photos from our trip to pick up our son!







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