Thoughtful Goals: July 2018

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Halfway through the year? How is this possible?

How quickly the months and weeks go by when days can often seems so long.

It is JULY my friends and it could be one of my favorite months of the year!

First, it’s my birthday month so that means confetti cake (my mom makes confetti cake for me every year and its my favorite!!) and celebrating another year around the sun!

And I can’t forget the 4th of July. As a kid I always thought the fireworks were for me and for my birthday. As an adult I know that isn’t true but I still love the 4th of July. Dressing up in red,white and blue, bbq inevitably on anything white I am wearing, waving tiny American flags, the warm summer breeze and late nights filled with the sky lit up all around you. It’s one of those magical days of Summer for me. It might be one of my favorite holidays.

And last but not least, July means we are halfway through the year. Have you met all the goals that you set forth at the beginning of the year? Are you living your days, weeks, months with thoughtful intention?

One thing that keeps coming up in some of my training is to share more. One way I would like to do this that I know will benefit me is sharing my monthly goals with you. I love goal setting. I love putting in the time to imagine and dream. I know my life is where it is today because of the time I have spent in putting in this often over looked aspect of not only running a business but also planning for your life.

Drum roll please. Ok, that may be a little over dramatic but here they are friends. My July 2018 goals. If you are working on some big things (or small things for that matter!) make sure you share them with me over on my instagram!

July 2018 Monthly Goals 

    • Pitch (2) Brands for Upcoming Blog Posts – I have two companies in mind that I would love to work with on specific social media posts that I have planned for the Summer and one for the Fall. I haven’t connected with either of them yet and need to finalize my emails.
    • Interview Nanny Applicants – Our nanny of almost three years recently left due to some health issues. I am currently taking applications and need to schedule interviews this month.
    • Research Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – My husband Clayton and I are headed to PV next week kid free! I have never been and I am excited to explore this part of Mexico! I love to do travel research before I travel and haven’t had a chance to spend much time on this but it’s coming up quickly. If you have any tips or favorite things to do let me know over on my Instagram.
    • Research Cartagena, Colombia – I am headed to Colombia for the first time at the end of the month and could not be more excited about this location. I am going to scout locations for my destination wedding business and I think couples are going to love this option!
    • Put together a Wellness Plan – In less than 90 days I have a whirlwind travel schedule. I will be traveling from September 20th until October 17th. During that time frame I will be in Austin, Texas for a travel conference, Clayton and I are getting to sealed to the boys in the Laie Temple in Oahu, Hawaii, we are headed to Disney World and then I will be flying to Italy for a week. I really want to spend the next 90 days focused on my health and well being. I selfishly want to look good in the bazillion photos we are going to be taking but also know that its going to be a long few weeks and I am going to need to have my immune system running at its highest capacity and I will need my energy levels high!
    • Do Yoga Every Day in July – This goes along with my wellness plan but I have set an intention to do yoga every day for the next thirty days. I have been actively trying to get yoga in my schedule the past few months and the days that I make it happen I feel sooo good.  I love the way it makes me feel and I think this is a goal I can set and reach. Anyone else love yoga or just getting started like me? My favorite pose or movement right now is ‘dancing camel’. If you have a favorite yoga pose or any tips, share them with me over on Instagram.
    • Prep for ‘Back to School’ Thoughtful Tradition Boxes – The ‘Back to School’ edition of our Thoughtful Tradition boxes get mailed out in August so the month of July is crunch time. I need to get photos up of all the products and start assembly! Order yours now so you are ready for the first day of school. If you are doing my Summer Bucket List Challenge you get 10% OFF.
    • Set aside time for Education – I love learning, growing and investing in myself. I recently invested in two different courses that I need to make sure I am setting aside time for. One of them is a live course so I am trying to do my best and stay involved each week. The other is an online video course I can watch on my own time. I just want to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in my inbox and sit there for the next three months. Anyone else guilty of this?
    • More Bucket List Time – We are about half way through the Summer and we still have lots of things to do on our Summer Bucket List. We haven’t gotten snow cones yet so I am looking forward to that, ice cream for dinner is on the meal plan and we are planning for Gabriel’s lemonade stand. If you haven’t made a Summer Bucket List, join my free challenge and you can download a copy of mine for free!
    • Finalize Plans for Upcoming Events – The next Social Media Planning Day that I am hosting with the AACWP is on July 17 and I need to finalize the details, prepare for my roundtable and get my handouts printed. I am also doing a follow up event for a small group of 14 women in August where we are going to getaway for two days and create 52 weeks of content. It’s going to be pretty incredible. For more information and to register click HERE.

It is going to be a busy month but full of some of my favorite things so I am excited to kick off the holiday week, celebrate my birthday and stay focused on my goals! Happy July!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey