Thoughtful Goals: August 2018

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Last month I decided to share with you my monthly goals. I loved that so many of you encouraged me or asked me how things were going. Thank you!

Well I didn’t get everything accomplished but I am happy I shared these with you for the accountability and want to give you a recap of how the month went and what my goals are for August.

My goals list may look like a to do list and partly it is but this month I am also sharing one really big goal that I haven’t officially written down yet.

August 2018 Monthly Goals

    • Buy a Beach House – This has been a dream of mine for a long time. I don’t know that I have ever really made it an official goal besides sharing it with my husband. But I am a big believer in writing your goals down and imagining what you want for your life. I am not going to reach this goal in the month of August but I want to solidify my plan for making this happen this month. It may take a year, it may take 10 years but I imagine myself here often.
    • Get Back to Why – For months now I have been thinking about my businesses and why I do what I do with each company. Honestly, I have been struggling. I just don’t have the clarity that I want. I talk a little more about this in my July recap but I want to reconnect with my ‘why’ statement. I think this is the foundation of a good business and necessary for success. One of my strengths I have found in coaching other women entreprenuers is listening to their story and uncovering their unique ‘why’ statement. You would think I could do it for myself but it’s always harder when its your own.
    • Mail Back to School Boxes – All the amazing products for this month are boxed up and ready to ship but I need to finish up the detailed letter that is included in each box and shares the “why and how” for each activity. I shared a little about why I created the ‘back to school box’ here and I also added to the shop where you can just purchase the cute pencils if you’d like. Don’t you just adore fun back to school supplies!!
    • Get Ready for Back to School – My oldest son Gabriel has been growing like a weed. I need to go through this clothes and see what fits and what doesn’t and then see what he needs and go shopping. If you have any tips on how to make this process easier please let me know. I loathe handling of all the boys clothes. I saw another mom share about how her kids have a “capsule” wardrobe and I thought that sounded like heaven. I am not 100% sure how to make that happen but would like to do some more research.
    • Choose Disney Fast Passes and Order Matching Shirts – We are headed to Disney World in October which means we are 90 days out this month and can book our fast passes! Yay!! I also want to order matching t-shirts because you know that is the cool thing to do now am I right?
    • Follow My Work Out + Meal Plan – Friends. Can I let you in on something? Wedding dresses are not made for 35 year old women who have had a child and have actually gained more weight than when they were pregnant. They just aren’t. Why am I trying on wedding dresses you ask? Well, in September, Clayton and I are getting sealed to the boys in the Laie Temple in Hawaii. I don’t have to have a dress but ya’ll know that I am an event planner and we like to do things big, so a small ceremony has obviously become a production and I decided I needed a dress. My talented friend Wendy, over at Bliss Bridal, kindly helped me find something that I really love. We had a few good laughs as she kept trying to pull my sagging breasts up and as we pushed and shoved parts of my body into different dresses but we pieced together a beautiful dress and I can’t wait to wear it. Which brings me back to following my work out and meal plan. I am 100% aware that I am not going to look like Jennifer Aniston in the next few weeks but I know that putting in some effort at least makes me feel good and when you feel good you look good right? Wish me luck.
    • Finalize Hawaii Details – Because I am an event planner, while we are in Hawaii  getting sealed to the boys we are going to throw a celebration! It will be small, as there are just a few guests coming, but I have still have lots of details planned. Since we are a month out, I need to finalize all my plans including a floral sketch and design outline (I do this for all of my destination wedding brides so of course I am going to do it for myself too!), ordering rentals, finalizing the menu and finishing up my welcome bags!
    • Blog Colombia – I have had an amazing trip here in Colombia and can’t wait to share details of this beautiful city with you! I am terrible at letting all of my photos and thoughts sit so I want to finish a blog quickly this month to share the culture and amazing experiences available in Cartagena!

July 2018 Monthly Goals Recap  

  • Pitch (2) Brands for Upcoming Blog Posts – I haven’t done this yet. It may go on the end of the to do list as I have had some other things come up that feel more important.
  • Interview Nanny Applicants – I still don’t have a nanny but I did sign up for and I have also looked into some local mothers day out programs. I need to make this a priority for August.
  • Research Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – My husband Clayton and I went to Puerto Vallarta and had an amazing time! You can read about our trip here!
  • Research Cartagena, Colombia – I loved researching for Colombia and I am actually here now! Make you to check out my instagram and see a few photos!
  • Put together a Wellness Plan – I reached out to my friend Allison Worthen and she is setting me up with a meal and workout plan. Yay for accountability! Her first question to me was could I break up with dairy? I texted her back some really mean emojis but agreed. When I get back from Colombia, me and cheese are going to have to have a talk.
  • Do Yoga Every Day in July – Sooo I really thought I could do this but of course life sometimes gets in the way. I didn’t do it everyday but I was super close. I don’t know if I physiologically don’t do well with these hard rules but I do want to continue to add yoga to my days as much as I can.
  • Prep for ‘Back to School’ Thoughtful Tradition Boxes – The ‘Back to School’ edition of our Thoughtful Tradition boxes get mailed out the first two weeks in August so as soon as I get back from Colombia, boxes will be shipping! Order yours now so you are ready for the first day of school. If you are doing my Summer Bucket List Challenge you get 10% OFF.
  • Set aside time for Education – For last month’s goals I let you know that I had invested in two different courses. I am soooo behind on the live course. But I did watch a few videos from the other course and I am loving what I have learned so far. Maybe once I complete both courses I can do an overview of what I learned!
  • More Bucket List Time – How does school start for my kids this month? We still have a few things we haven’t completed so this will be on my August goals as well.
  • Finalize Plans for Upcoming Events – I had so much fun at the AACWP Social Media Planning Day! I really enjoy speaking and connecting with women so this event was amazing. I shared how to build a social media marketing plan so that you can stay consistent with your social media. Can I be super honest here and let you know that I am really struggling with my own plan? I feel a little torn in different directions right now and I just don’t have the clarity I want so it is reflecting in my efforts to make marketing plans. I need to invest more time on finding that clarity but I also think it can be a process so I am working through my thoughts and really considering the next steps. I of course will keep you posted once I find that clarity!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey