The Birth of Bucket Lists

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If you are new here and have never heard of bucket lists, I want to say a big hello and welcome!

You and amazing women like you, are the reason that I have continued to pursue buckets lists and thoughtful traditions.

So what is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a number of experiences, achievements or activities that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. I like to break down these experiences by month and even more specifically for each holiday.

So why did I start incorporating bucket lists into my life?

I married my handsome husband in January 2011. I knew he was the ‘one’ on day two, he said I love you on day seven.  We wanted to try and start a family on our honeymoon. A year went by with no success. We unwillingly joined the infertility club and for the next four years tried to conceive. After multiple failed infertility treatments we decided to grow our family through adoption. During this time, my husband was also diagnosed with cancer. The reality of infertility, adoption and cancer filled my days while I dreamed of having a big family and building a legacy of traditions.

In August 2015, our prayers were answered and 4 year old Gabriel joined our family. I had been dreaming of creating traditions for years and due to the timing of his arrival I could not wait for the holiday season to bring surprise and delight to this special little boy. Being able to celebrate joy after so many years of trials led me to start our bucket lists.

I never imagined infertility, cancer or even adoption would be party of our story but it has made me stronger, more patient, and I am unexpectedly grateful for the trials we have endured. These trials have allowed me to be very intentional about how I spend my limited time here on this earth.

The bucket lists are a reminder that even though life gets busy, to stay focused and make time for what matters most. I encourage you and invite you to join me to do less with more focus, say ‘yes’ to only the things that truly matter and allow yourself to be more thoughtful with your time.

March 2016 we added a new reason to celebrate. Seven months after we adopted Gabriel we found out we were pregnant. Joshua Connor was born in November 2016. He was an unexpected surprise and an answered prayer by a faithful Heavenly Father.

My free bucket list ebooks are my gift to you. During this season of motherhood, I pray my bucket list ideas will be an easy resource for you to reference, allow you to take a breath and delight in your children through a variety of activities. I hope you can share them with your friends + family and start your own thoughtful traditions.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey