Thanksgiving Treat Bag for your Neighbors

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Last month we had so much fun “booing” our neighbors!

I haven’t seen anything super clever for Thanksgiving that is like “boo your neighbor” during Halloween or “you’ve been jingled or elfed” during Christmas so if you have a special tradition, make sure you share it with me!

turkey treat bag

Even though I don’t have a cute poem or trendy tag line, I still wanted to do something this month that showed our neighbors we love them and are grateful for them so we made a very simple treat bag.

We used small brown paper bags, cute thanksgiving stickers, filled it with some fun treats and then finished it with a ribbon. My oldest son wrote on the bag “we are thankful for you” with crayons for a personalized touch.

you have been gobbled

We filled the bag with the following items:

Candy Corn

Smores Kit

Mini Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving Stickers

you have been gobbled

you have been gobbled

This was a super simple after school activity that was easy and fun while also teaching the valuable lesson of sharing our gratitude with others and doing something kind.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey