Thanksgiving Treat Bag for your Neighbors

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Last month we had so much fun “booing” our neighbors!

I haven’t seen anything super clever for Thanksgiving that is like “boo your neighbor” during Halloween or “you’ve been jingled or elfed” during Christmas so if you have a special tradition, make sure you share it with me!

turkey treat bag

Even though I don’t have a cute poem or trendy tag line, I still wanted to do something this month that showed our neighbors we love them and are grateful for them so we made a very simple treat bag.

We used small brown paper bags, cute thanksgiving stickers, filled it with some fun treats and then finished it with a ribbon. My oldest son wrote on the bag “we are thankful for you” with crayons for a personalized touch.

you have been gobbled

We filled the bag with the following items:

Candy Corn

Smores Kit

Mini Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving Stickers

you have been gobbled

you have been gobbledThis was a super simple after school activity that was easy and fun while also teaching the valuable lesson of sharing our gratitude with others and doing something kind.

All of these items are included in the Thanksgiving edition of my Thoughtful Tradition boxes. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, we still have a few left. There are a lot of other fun and easy activities that would be great to do with your family while kids and grandkids are out of school the week of Thanksgiving. Use code “grateful” for $5.00 off.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey