Tender Mercy Tuesday #3

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Happy Fall Y’all.

Ok, okay I know it’s not technically fall yet but it just felt right to bring out my pumpkin candle today!

September is one of my favorite months because I spend a lot of time preparing for the last quarter of the year.

I have some amazing resources that I will be sharing next week to help you have a more thoughtful and joy filled holiday season so be on the lookout for those!

I also shared my September Bucket List and all of the September goodies will be in the shop for you to download this week!

Besides announcing fall, it’s also #tendermercytuesdays!

I think sometimes we think to experience a tender mercy it has to be something big or some amazing miracle.

But really, a tender mercy can very small and simple.

I believe that if our eyes are open to recognize these moments, we will find that they can be regular occurrences in our ordinary details of our life.

What is a #tendermercy that you had last month?