Social Media Pop Up Class

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Happy Thursday Friends!

On Monday night I am hosting a Social Media Pop Up Class from 6PM to 8PM at Vakeroz Mexican Restaurant in Frisco, Texas.

This class is going to focus on building engagement and community through social media. You will also be walking through the five steps needed to create a social media marketing plan.

Step One: Create Marketing Objectives and Goals
Step Two: Conduct a Social Media Audit
Step Three: Gather Inspiration
Step Four: Create a Content Calendar
Step Five: Test, Evaluate and Adjust

Who is this class for?

If you are a small business owner, work for a MLM company or manage social media for a charity, this is the perfect opportunity to gets hands on information on how to nuture your community, grow engagement and ultimately increase revenue.

Building a Social Media Strategy 

You will learn how to put together a social media strategy so you can stay consistent and keep high engagement with your followers.

Building Your Brand

You will learn how to position your business or charity so that your audience knows more about your mission, how you are different and the impact you want to make.

Building Community Engagement

You will learn how to effectively increase community engagement.

I hope you will join me for this special pop up class! There is only 20 seats available so make sure you register today.

You will walk away ready to make the last 90 days of the year with more followers, more engagement, more impact and more revenue.

See you soon!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey