Social Media Planning Day: September 23, 2019

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It has been way too long since our last Social Media Planning Day!

Who is ready for another day dedicated to social media strategy?

I know I am!

Life has been so crazy lately and I have fallen behind on my social media. You too?

The thing is, I really hate not being prepared and more thoughtful with my social media planning. I absolutely adore my community (yep, you!) and love connecting through social platforms.

But, as an introvert I tend to avoid surface level conversations and love authentic connection, so when my daily life is not feeling authentic to my message, I auto pilot to shutting down.

Yup. I just completely shut down. I may scroll here and there, but I pretty much don’t share any photos or content.

As a savvy business owner, I know that falling off the face of the social media earth is not ideal. We should be posting and sharing content daily. Yes, I said daily.

So what is the solution? It’s to plan. And ya’ll I am a pretty fabulous planner for most things in my life but this one trips me up sometimes because I want all of my communication to you to be and feel 100% authentic. I don’t want to just post content or an offer just because I need to check off social media on my to do list. And I don’t want to just schedule something and it not “fit” into how I am feeling or what I want to be sharing that week.

Maybe scheduling something is better than nothing at all. But for me, I want it to be authentic to my message and be thoughtful of your time. Being in your feed is a privilege. Or at least I think being in your feed is and I am honored that you keep me around.

So, my goal with social media day is to spend some time thinking about you and all of my customers. It will be dedicated time to learn new skills from some of my talented entrepreneur friends, plus dedicated time to stop and really focus on how I should be serving you with my content and services.

We are going to be planning out 52 weeks of content. That doesn’t mean that you (or I) have to pre schedule all of that content, it just means you (and me!) will have 52 weeks of content to pull from that has been created specifically for our clients in mind, especially on the days when life is overwhelming but you want to connect with your favorite people.

Sound like what you need?


We will only have room for a small group at our new studio so make sure to get your tickets quickly!

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You see what I did there? 52 weeks, $52 dollars? I thought it was fun?

Plus ticket pricing will go up next week so go get yours now so you don’t forget.

Come join me! Let’s do this!

See you soon!