Social Media Planning Day 2018

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In December I had the goal to sit down and write out a social media marketing plan. One business owner found out and wanted to join me, and then another and another. Obviously it was something we all needed so I decided to create an event and invite some of my super talented friends who excel in social media to give us some guidance as we planned for the new year.

It was incredible! We started the day 4 speakers that shared their knowledge on everything from how to style and take better photos for social media, to how geo tagging can improve your instagram following. There were so many great nuggets of information I couldn’t write them down fast enough!

Then we headed into our Instagram Styling Sessions where each attendee was able to use Medium Boards and lots of fun props to create their own styled photos to use on those days when you just need a pretty photo or something fresh for your feed!

After a working lunch we rallied back to hear 3 more amazing speakers! They provided powerful content that we could start using right away. From how to create consistency in your photos to how to use the power of thirds to keep people scrolling on your page.

We ended the day with quite time to reflect, brainstorm, and collaborate. I think everyone left with a long ‘to do’ list (sorry ladies!) but in a good way. I love the start of a new year and how so many people come together with the goal of improving their lives and businesses. Gathering together was inspiring and motivating to make big things happen!

A few of my personal favorite takeaways were the following:

The power of thirds. I would have never even thought about the concept of making your clients draw their eyes downward on my social media feed but Erin Hooley is a genius and showed us exactly how to do this! You can watch her share her explanation here. Pretty powerful right?

Did you know that you can change the words under your name on Instagram? Frankie Simmons with Frankie Consults, suggested that we use words here that people might search. For example she has ‘Design & Social Media Inspo’ but you could put ‘wedding planner’ or ‘mom blogger’ or ‘accountant’ in the field. This really let’s people know what you do. I still haven’t decided what I want to put here because I find myself being multi passionate and I own multiple businesses. It is always a challenge when people ask me ‘what I do’ as it is more than one thing. Maybe I should put toddler chaser? That is what I am doing about 80% of my day!

I have never thought about deleting a photo on my Instagram but Laura and Katie with Love Lane Paper let us know that it is “ok” to delete a photo so that you can keep your feed consistent and looking the way that you want. For example, maybe you did an event and you want to post the photo but it just doesn’t quite flow with your other brand photos. Post it and then you can archive or delete a few days later. Another option they mentioned was to just share it as an Instagram story. That way you still have the opportunity to share but it doesn’t stay on your feed and change the dynamic of your consistency.

We had so many women that couldn’t attend and really wanted to so I have decided to offer Round TWO of Social Media Planning Day! If you are interested in attending the next event, please sign up for my newsletter where I will be sending out the details to my subscribers first! It will be at the end of this month or the first of February so details will be coming very soon!

A special thank you for our amazing speakers. Go check out these awesome ladies! 

Mandy | Medium Boards

Laura Druck | Love Lane Paper Co.

Katie Lane | Love Lane Paper Co.

Trish Dove | Beat Box Photography

Katie Lamb | Katie Lamb Photography

Erin Hooley | Baileys Blossoms + Erin E. Hooley

Frankie Simmons | Frankie Consults

Also a big thank you to our sponsors! 

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey