Share Sunshine

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We are soaking in the last few days of Summer and trying to squeeze in as many Summer Bucket List items as we can before school starts next week!

This morning we decided to share sunshine around our neighborhood. We loaded Connor in the wagon with a big bag of suckers, grabbed our sunshine notes from the Summer Thoughtful Traditions Box and hit the road. We handed out suckers and sunshine notes to friends, neighbors and even a few hard working construction workers!

My oldest son Gabriel has such a big heart and the joy he has when serving others is one of my greatest gifts. If you weren’t able to get a Thoughtful Tradition box, I want to share our sunshine notes so you can download and share your own sunshine this week!

I teach ‘activity days’ (8 to 11 years old girls)  at church and this week we are putting together ‘kindness kits’ as we prepare to go back to school. We are going to add sunshine notes to our kits so these are also great for back to school too!

If I know one thing, its that someone is always going through a harder moment in life than you are even if you are standing in one of your hardest trails. By spreading sunshine, we can better love one another and bring a little joy to someones day. How can you share sunshine today?


Thoughtfully, Chelsey

PS. People are really hesitant when you start walking up to them. I am pretty sure they thought we were going to try and sell them something. To see their faces change when they realize we just want to give them a sunshine note and a sucker was worth the entire process! Everyone loved the sunshine and my kids delighted in their smiles! My mama heart is so full with such a simple and inexpensive activity!