September 2020 Bucket List

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I think we are all ready for the change of season right? A big hello to September!

Covid19 has me dreaming of cooler weather so we can escape the house for outdoor adventures.  Anyone else?

My September bucket list may have a few things you aren’t comfortable doing yet with the current state of the world but I know so many of you are longing for more joy and want to get back to life as safely as possible while still exploring and cultivating traditions with your families.

I hope you enjoy all the ideas for this month and spend some time seeing how you can fit them between zoom meetings!

If you use the bucket list, or even create your own, would you share your fun with me? I love seeing your adventures and traditions! Please tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

As I have shared with you before, bucket lists are not items to add to your on going to do list. The purpose of having a bucket list is to help you stay focused and remember to not let the day go by without being intentional. They help me remember what is truly important and serve as a reminder to make sure I am scheduling time for family traditions and making memories that will last a lifetime.

I print a copy and keep it on a clip board in my pantry. I see it every morning and although I may not get to check everything off on the list, even doing a handful of them makes me happy and allows me to enjoy the season to the fullest.

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