Thoughtful Goals: September 2018

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In July, I decided to share with you my monthly goals. I have loved that so many of you have encouraged me or asked me how things were going these past few months. Thank you!

I enjoy the accountability and I am a firm believer in physically writing down goals so this is more of an exercise for me but I am thrilled that so many of you have connected with me on your own goals and that I have been able to be an encouragement to you.

If there is one thing that I have struggled with the past few years, especially since having the boys join our family, has been my ambition. I feel like I have always had this drive inside of me to push just a little harder and reach just one more goal I set for myself.

For a long time I thought this was a curse. And honestly, some days I still battle with that thought. But today I am grateful for my ambitious heart. I know that it is a gift from a gracious Heavenly Father and my prayer is that I use it to honor His will and plan for my life.

As with past months, and I am pretty sure it will be every month, I didn’t get everything accomplished. But I made some progress and will just keep moving.  A recap of August goals are below too!

September 2018 Monthly Goals  

    • Pack 10,000 Suitcases –  Have I mentioned I am going to be traveling for almost a month? Yep. It is going to be insane. I leave the middle of this month and don’t get back until the middle of October. Whew. Just writing that makes me tired. Here is the thing with travel, it looks super glamorous on the outside, and don’t get me wrong it can be pretty amazing, but it is also soooo much work, especially with young kids. I start off for a few days in Austin, Texas with one of my best friends and an amazing travel agent. We are going to a new travel conference and if you have known me for almost any amount of time you know I am a conference junkie. I love them for so many reasons but my favorite is the people I get to connect with and the education. Learning and growth is a big priority for me and conferences are a great way to expand not only your network but your knowledge too. We are going to stop in Waco on the way and it will be my first time to visit the Silos! Maybe I will get to share a cupcake with Joanna? I get home late Saturday night and leave first thing Sunday morning for Hawaii. Clayton and I are getting sealed to the boys in the Laie Temple in Oahu and are having a beautiful celebration while we are there with a few friends and family members. The rest of the week, we will all be beach bums occasionally moving from our beach towels to eat shrimp from a shrimp truck, indulge in a dole whip and maybe have a few malasadas.
    • Pack More Suitcases – Yep. More packing. This truly is my main goal for the month. When we get home from Hawaii we have two days to recover at home and then we are going to Disney World. I typically would not schedule back to back trips like this, especially with the kids, but we have been graciously given the opportunity to go to Disney World with my husband’s company and you just can’t say no to Disney World right? And last but not least, the day we come home from Disney, I fly to Italy. I literally will not leave the airport. My plan is to have my Italy suitcase in the car, get off the plane from Orlando, go to the car, get my suitcase and then turn around and get on a plane. I am praying that flight schedules go according to plan as I don’t have much flexibility between my arrival and departure times. I am pretty sure I won’t have any trouble sleeping on the plane, especially after a week at Disney with two young boys!

Thoughtful Tip – One of my favorite travel tips is to get a large bin out about a week before your trip. As you think of things you need to pack and know you aren’t going to need before you leave just throw it in the bin. As you are doing laundry and you find outfits you know you want to bring, go straight from the laundry to the bin. I have been buying little things here and there for the boys to stay entertained on the plane so each time I pick something up I just throw it into the bin. When I am ready to pack I already have a big chunk of searching for items already done!

    • Childcare Schedule –  Although I will have the boys with me for two of the four weeks I still have to plan ahead for the other two weeks I will be away from them. Ya’ll, childcare might be the death of me. It is super stressful and managing schedules for multiple babysitters and the boys schedules is like a puzzle, you have to have all the pieces matching up for it to work smoothly. You also have to be prepared for when things don’t go as planned and there is always something that doesn’t. You know I love traveling. It’s part of my heart and soul. And having the boys taken care of is a high priority but it is also one of the hardest parts of travel. I spend hours and hours making a plan for them while I am gone.

Thoughtful Tip: Mama if you are leaving your child with someone you trust for an hour or a week, especially if they are at your house, do not pack every single little thing that your child (children) will need. Let me tell you, I am a type A control freak and writing that down actually made my stomach turn just a little. But even with my natural tendency to plan everything and pack all the things I have learned it adds a ton of extra stress on me before a trip. I decided that it was one of the things I could “drop”. If you didn’t already know,  we are all jugglers. Some of us juggle lots of balls with ease, some of us are more sane than others and keep our ball count at an acceptable amount and some of us, like myself, throw lots of balls in the air and hope they don’t all come crashing down at once. Packing and prepping for my boys was a ball I decided to drop and you know what, it’s always turned out ok. Without any of my help (gasp!) they miraculously almost always have clothes on, they are fed (although sometimes I may cringe at what they are eating) and they are loved. In the words of Elsa, let it go.

    • Taxes  –  Oh hey Uncle Sam! I haven’t forgot about you. I know you haven’t forgotten about me. Every single year I procrastinate on filing my taxes. I honestly don’t know if I have ever filed in April. October 15th is the due date and I pretty much always wait until September to finish. Why? Probably because being a small business owner and filing taxes is one of those awful tasks you just have to do. Even if you have help with a bookkeeper and a CPA you still have to put in some work and I just don’t enjoy it so I put it off. But I have to get it done before I leave this month because I won’t be home until after the due date! Wish me luck.
    • Camp Gladiator – I have dozens and dozens of friends that do Camp Gladiator every day. Not one of them has ever convinced me to go. Mainly because 4:15AM and even 5AM are just blurry to me. But I recently hired a new assistant and she has begrudgingly tricked me into going. I should probably just fire her now that I think about it. I am just kidding..well maybe? Anyway, she has been a great accountability partner and I really do enjoy the workouts. We set a goal to go 20 times before we leave for Hawaii. So far so good. Anyone else a CG fan?
    • Finalize Hawaii Details – I still have just a few final touches for our trip to Hawaii. I am finalizing the menu this week! If you have any favorite Hawaiian meals will you share them with me? My husband loves musubi. Do you know what that is? It is fried spam. Yep. Spam. Like meat from a can. But in truth, it really is pretty yummy. I still need to finalize rentals, flowers, cake and finish my welcome bags. Here are a few of my inspiration photos if you want to see!

Thoughtful Tip: Hire a wedding planner if you are getting married. Whether you have 2 people attending your wedding or 200 people attending, just do it. Hire a wedding planner if you are having a vow renewal. Whether you are keeping it simple or having a big second wedding celebration. And last but not least, even if you are a wedding planner, hire a wedding planner. Especially if you are a multi passionate entrepreneur with two young kiddos. Trust me on this one. You’re welcome.

    • Dirty Scriptures – Ok this one may sound odd at first but hear me out. I recently read a book by Neill Marriott and one of the chapters really stood out to me. Neill talks about reading scriptures with her family every morning.  She had read once that if  you prayerfully and regularly read by yourself and with your children that the spirit of reverence would increase, mutual respect and consideration for each other would grow and the spirit of contention would depart. That there would be more love and wisdom in parenting and that children would be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. Righteousness will increase, faith, hope and love will abound in the home brining peace, joy and happiness. She told her husband she wanted all these things so together they made a conscious decision to read scriptures with their children every morning at the breakfast table. In the book she writes “over the years the book collected remnants of breakfasts, a gleam of syrup, a hardened spot of milk, a streak suggesting eggs. I love the historical record our stained book bears. It says, “I am loved, I am used, I am part of the fabric of this family – tattered, yes, but valued.” Mamas I don’t know about you but I want, no, I need all of those things listed above. These words hit home for me as I had gotten complacent about reading scriptures with the boys. But friends, I want dirty, messy scriptures. I want my boys to know that God’s words are in the fabric of our family. With back to school schedules in full force, I am making no excuses for our scripture reading during breakfast every morning. Who else wants dirty scriptures?
    • Social Media Pop Up Class – I am hosting a social media pop up class on Monday September 10th. This is a great opportunity to get time with me in a small group setting and grow your knowledge on social media. I need to finish up my presentation this week so that is on my goal list. There is going to be lots of great information coming your way! If you are in the DFW area and are looking to learn how to create a consistent social media plan while growing your followers and creating more engagement come see me!
    • Complete October Thoughtful Tradition Boxes – The holidays are almost here!! Yay! I have been working on this years Halloween Box and they should be ready to order very soon! If you don’t know about Thoughtful Traditions yet, these are curated boxes that include easy and fun activities that cultivate family traditions and inspire thoughtfulness. One of the best things I have heard from a mom is that they are for a mom that wants to be a pinterest mom but is really an amazon mom. Yes!! If you are already planning ahead, be sure to check out some of my Halloween Blog Posts and make sure to get your very own order in before they sell out!

August 2018 Monthly Goals Recap 

    • Buy a Beach House – I haven’t bought the house but I have a written plan to do so!
    • Get Back to Why – Still struggling here. I really want to focus on using my gifts in the most impactful way and I just haven’t found that clarity yet. Let me encourage you if you are in a similar place and maybe aren’t sure what direction to go. It is a tough place to be. My only advice is this, just keep going. Keep reaching and moving toward what you imagine for your life. It’s ok if its taking longer than you want or expected. I know I will find the clarity I want and I just have to keep moving forward.
    • Mail Back to School Boxes – Yay! All of our Back to School boxes were mailed out and I loved seeing how moms used them differently to have a great start to the school year! If you missed out on the Back to School boxes don’t worry! I added our adorable pencils to the shop so you can buy anytime just because office supplies are so much fun!
    • Get Ready for Back to School – We had a great first day of school celebration and had a wonderful first week of 2nd grade! I used the Thoughtful Traditions Back to School box to create a simple and easy table setup that made the day extra special. Gabriel requested mickey mouse pancakes with sprinkles so I obliged and he loved drinking orange juice out of the test tubes! We started our back to school journal that was included in the box and now that he can write pretty good I know I am going to really enjoy our letters this year! We are working on our August bucket list too but many of the items can go into September too!
    • Choose Disney Fast Passes and Order Matching Shirts – Matching t-shirts check. Convincing husband to wear matching t-shirt still to be determined.
    • Follow My Work Out + Meal Plan – I have been doing pretty good. I haven’t been perfect but I feel like I put in some effort and feel motivated going into September.
    • Finalize Hawaii Details – I emailed my floral sketch and I am still working on my design outline. I will have to work on the menu, gift boxes and travel plans in September.
    • Blog Colombia – I did start a few blog posts on my experiences in Colombia but I haven’t finished getting all the photos uploaded and added. I promise to have these to you soon. It was truly amazing and I can’t wait to share details!  Go check out a few photos I posted on my instagram and here are a few sneak peeks from one of my photoshoots!


Thoughtfully, Chelsey