Seaside, Florida Retreat 2020

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January 23, 2019 to January 26, 2019

I can’t tell you how excited I am in preparing the first retreat of 2020!

For years I have been dreaming of combining my love of travel, celebration, personal development and  rejuvenation into a retreat.  This year all the pieces finally came together and I launched the first retreat in Tulum, Mexico!

The Tulum Retreat sold out in less than 24 hours and so many of you have been asking when I am planning the next one!!

I finally landed on the PERFECT location and one I can’t wait to share with you. This incredible beach home has 7 luxury bedrooms, each with it’s OWN private bathroom, and the most incredible entertaining spaces! If you know me, I am a picky traveler when it comes to where I sleep, so I am only offering you the best of the best in beach houses!

Every summer my family spent quality time on the beaches of Florida and it has a special place in my heart. A few years ago I planned a destination wedding in the adorable town of Seaside and I fell in love with this beach town.

The motto here is “a simple, beautiful life” and those words really resonate with me and the purpose behind these gatherings. Seaside is truly a magical place and the ideal backdrop for kicking off the NEW YEAR with intention and thoughtful rejuvenation.

So ladies, pack your beach bag and meet me in SEASIDE!

When I think of the perfect weekend retreat, it includes staying somewhere lovely, sunshine, palm trees, adorable shops to explore, sand in my toes and blue ocean views! I am also indulging in the most delightful meals including brunch and where food comas may lead to early bedtimes! The quaint town of Seaside has all of these covered for us!

We are going to be staying steps away from not only the beach but the cutest main square of Seaside!

For 4 days / 3 nights you will indulge in turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, mouth watering food, rejuvenating yoga, connecting with friends, plenty of quiet time and cultivating your dreams with action sessions every day.

This will be relaxation to the fullest, the ultimate self care experience, lobster rolls, ice cream, yoga, quiet time, toes in the sand, time for reflection and an overall inspiring weekend. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

Imagine waking up to a fresh, healthy breakfast after a restful sleep. Taking your coffee or hot chocolate (my favorite) on the large wrap around porch or lounging by the pool or ocean while reading your favorite book. Take an early morning stroll down the white sandy beach and enjoy the cool morning breeze. Celebrate your body with a light session of yoga followed by an afternoon of incredible southern cuisine. Spend time cultivating your passions and celebrating yourself. End the day with a glass of wine or a yummy s’mores treat as you talk about your dreams around the bonfire.


Arrival Day / Free Time

06:30 PM Welcome + Celebration Session

08:00 PM Dinner


07:30 AM Breakfast

08:00 AM Yoga 

10:00 AM Celebration Session

12:00 PM Lunch 

01:00 PM Free Time  

07:00 PM Dinner 


07:30 AM Breakfast

8:30 AM Yoga  

10:00 AM Celebration Session

12:00 PM Lunch 

01:00 PM Free Time 

05:30 PM Dinner 

07:00 PM Sunset 

07:45 PM S’mores 


10:00 Celebration Session

11:30 Brunch 

What’s the price and what’s included? 

King Bed Suite – There are 7 rooms that have a luxury King Bed and private bathroom!

One person per King Suite – Looking for the ultimate solo escape? Enjoy the weekend in your very own King Suite! Early Bird Price Per Person $979.00 / Regular Price $1,179.00

Two persons per King Suite – Two is always better than one right? Bring a friend, your mom, your sister and let’s have an amazing weekend. Early Bird Price Per Person $579.00 / Regular Price $779.00

Don’t have a roomie but want to share a room? No problem! Just let me know and we can see if there is another attendee looking for a roommate too!

Luxury Beach House, minutes from Ocean + Seaside Proper / Accommodations for 3 Nights 
Healthy Breakfasts Each Morning at Beach House
Beach Chairs and Umbrella Setup Everyday on Beach 
Welcome Cocktails on Thursday    
S’mores Celebration on Saturday 
Group Celebration Sessions Throughout the Weekend

Questions I have been asked so far! 

Florida in January? Isn’t it going to be too cold to swim in the water? It may not be quite warm enough to swim in the ocean, unless you are determined and brave, but the sun is almost always shining and in January the crowds are low which lends for the perfect afternoon of lounging on comfortable beach chairs and enjoying the sounds of the ocean. I personally love a beach day curled up in my favorite summer sweater and digging into that book I have been meaning to read all year!

What are the group sessions all about? Each session is called a celebration session! They will be gently guided by me but this is your time. These sessions were created to provide a thoughtful space to allow you to celebrate yourself and spend time cultivating your passions. It is a sacred space to dream and to be in fellowship with other inspiring women. I believe that being in a beautiful setting away from daily distractions where you are sharing, processing and listening allows you to feel more connected to yourself and to others. This retreat is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and find celebration through a combination of reflection, space, clarity, relaxation, and unexpected thoughtful gestures.

Is my flight or transportation included? No. You are responsible for getting to the beach house. If you need any assistance, I am happy to help you. 

Not quite sure? That’s ok. I know investing in yourself can be hard, especially if you’re not used to doing it. Most of the women I meet have no idea how to celebrate themselves let alone invest in a weekend of rejuvenation. Don’t worry. I got you.

Can I share some of the excuses I have heard from women that I personally know who really want to take a trip like this?

  1. The price. Ladies, I got the price down super low and it is an incredible value.
  2. I can’t leave my kids for a whole weekend. Mamas, you can and you absolutely should take a break from your babies. And yes, your spouse or tribe can handle it alone. I promise.
  3. I shouldn’t spend money on myself to get away for a weekend. I truly believe this is a lie you are telling yourself and it is probably affecting you in other ways than just considering this getaway. Hear me loud and clear when I tell you, you are worthy, you do deserve a retreat and it’s probably not about the money.
  4. I have never really traveled and not sure about traveling alone. Ladies, as a professional world traveler I am here to guide you and make this a wonderful travel experience. It will be fun and easy peasy.

There are plenty more excuses but these were the ones I heard over and over again through your messages.

know this is exactly what you have been needing.

I know because you have told me through hundreds of conversations.

You need rejuvenation.

You need to focus on self care.

You need quiet time to reflect and think.

You need to be feel motivated again.

Don’t let the obstacles and excuses above get in your way.

We find the time and money for the things that are important. And ladies let me tell you, you are importantLet’s take this short time away and come back rejuvenated and more available to serve everyone around us.

Want a special VIP experience? Book before midnight on Monday August 12, 2019 and you receive early bird pricing plus:

VIP Bonus Day 
Indulge in an extra night at the beach house on Wednesday January 22, 2019. You will have a special cocktail hour with Chelsey and get to spend more time experiencing Seaside, Florida. 

VIP Photos on the Beach
I have arranged for a professional photographer to treat you with a gorgeous mini photoshoot using the beautiful backdrop of Seaside.  $350 Value.  

VIP Personal Celebration Session 
From helping you get clear on your priorities to creating a foundational schedule that works for you, I can help you take action in your life and / or business. Each session is custom to you. One sixty minute call before the retreat and one sixty minute call after the retreat. $500 Value 

How do you get huge savings, extra VIP bonuses and one of these spots? Fill out THIS form and put EARLY BIRD in the comments. You will be sent a link to make a deposit and will be on your way to be the best year yet! 

Still not sure if this is for you? I invite you to reconsider if you connect with any of these ideas.

  • If you are a woman looking to getaway to a new and off the beaten path location but maybe don’t feel comfortable doing it alone, come with me. As a professional destination wedding planner I travel frequently and I will make sure you feel safe and are taken care of during our travels.
  • If you are in a place of transition, you need this time away. Time to reflect, time to brainstorm with other ambitious women, time to relax and choose who you want to be.
  • If you are a business owner and you haven’t taken a vacation in over a year, this is the right place for you. I know how hard it is to get away but you will come back refreshed and ready to take your business to the next level.
  • And last but not least, if you are a mother and you haven’t taken a trip without your spouse and kids, mama, this is especially for you. You deserve to reconnect with yourself, spend some quiet time alone and be lifted up by other thoughtful women.

I know you want to be here. I want you here. Come join us! Let’s go!

See you in the magical city of Seaside!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey