Resources and Support During COVID19

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The past few weeks, have been pretty intense for people all over the world.

We are facing something that we have never experienced before.

In this time of uncertainty and fear, my heart wants to love on you and support you.

Here are a few things that I want to share with you in the hopes of making your burdens a little lighter and as always, reminding you to keep celebrating.

  • On my facebook page, Chelsey Arnal, I have been sharing resources that we use for homeschool as well as other fun activities to keep your kids busy. I will continue to share things daily so check in and say hello too!


  • I wrote a new blog post to assist you in “Celebrating the Coronavirus” that has 25 things to do as a family, 20 things to keep your kids busy and 20 meal theme ideas to help you celebrate and not just survive this time of quarantine.



  • You can always find my monthly “Celebration Prompts” that share random holidays to celebrate. These are free downloads made available to you every month or they are emailed to you if you are a member of my newsletter.



  • Next week I am hosting a free “Celebration Challenge” so we can focus on our wins and celebrate together as we navigate this difficult time.



  • My resource “Celebrate Summer: Your Guide to a Happy, Connected, Fun Summer” is on sale for only $5. This was created to assist you during the Summer but many of the items can also be used while we are at home during this quarantine. Check out the “ideas for earning screen time” as we navigate being in quarantine and “sunshine notes” so we can share some joy the next few weeks!

How else can I support you?

Please let me know. My personal email is and I am on standby for any questions you have about the celebration journal, celebration challenge next week, homeschooling, activities for your kids or anything related to how the COVID19 is affecting travel or events.

One last thing.

During my last Celebration Retreat, I shared a story from Jen Hatmaker about Elephants. You can download a free copy  of The Elephant Story and read what I shared with the ladies who attended.

Now is the time to come together mamas.

Let’s share with each other our resources.

Let’s support each other’s businesses.

Let’s lift each other up in prayer.

Let’s celebrate each other.

I am cheering for you! 

Thoughtfully, Chelsey