October Bucket List 2019

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I read something earlier this week that reminded me that when some of you see a bucket list or a random holiday to celebrate, it makes you feel not good enough. That as a wife, mother or grandmother you aren’t doing enough and you need to be doing more.

Friends, let me stop you right there and turn this bus around.

Adding one more thing to your to do list is not my thing.

Making you feel like you are a failure will never be in my playbook.

Bucket lists, at least for me, are a reminder to slow down. They are a reminder to me that beyond the diapers, emails, meetings, and all responsibilities of this busy life, that I shouldn’t forget to make time for joy, fun and connection with my family.

That is why I share these each month. It is the only reason I share them.

If you are overwhelmed and even the thought of adding one more thing makes you feel like you might explode, please know that I am in those same trenches with you. This is an overwhelming season for me too.

I want you to know that you are loved and that you are doing an amazing job.

If a bucket list stresses you out mama, toss them. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines no matter what.

If one bucket list activity can add even an once more joy to your month, then I too am cheering you on and encouraging you.

So whether you have your bucket list printed and are actively checking off as many as you can, or maybe you are like me and are trying to do the best you can and get a few this month or if you said screw it and threw it in the trash, sister I am celebrating you and reminding you that you are wonderful.