National Adoption Day 2019

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You know I love to #celebraterandomly and today is #nationaladoptionday! I will forever be grateful for adoption because adopting Gabriel made me a mommy.

As many reasons as there are to celebrate, this day is actually to bring awareness to the hundreds of thousands of children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States alone.

I haven’t shared this before but last year my heart kept pulling me toward adoption through foster care. After 11 months of praying and trying to get Clayton on board we went to a foster care meeting. I cried the whole time. The statistics are unimaginable y’all.

We started the paperwork only to be detoured by cancer again. I don’t know what the future holds for us or if adoption will be part of our story again but I know that even if we can’t be a foster parent we can support those families and children that currently are.

I love to share that celebration is like gratitude but with action. If you want to celebrate this special day, I encourage you to take action.

Attend a meeting to learn about foster care, find a family that has opened their hearts and home and love on them, or donate your time or money to a local organization supporting these kids.

Adoption is messy and oh so beautiful. I can’t imagine life without this little boy and can’t wait to see where our next adventure leads us.