Meal Planning on Sundays

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Sunday is my favorite day.

It is the one day that I set aside each week to truly rest.

I enjoy waking up to snuggles with my husband and savoring the slow morning. One of us typically makes a delicious home cooked breakfast while the other plays with the kids.

I refill my soul with church, afternoon naps, reading, writing in my journal and spending time with my community, family and friends.

I also take about an hour each Sunday afternoon to prepare for Meal Prep Monday.


Many of you have asked why I meal prep on Monday as a lot of people prefer to meal prep on Sunday.

For me it is just a personal choice. As a family we try our best to commit to keeping the Sabbath day holy and for us, in a nutshell, that means not asking others to work on our behalf, so I like to shop and cook on Monday.

There are three things that I do each Sunday to make sure that Meal Prep Monday goes smoothly.

1. I do the dishes. Certainly not my most favorite part of Sunday but I have found that if I have a clean sink I can work faster during meal prep and when it is time for clean up my dishwasher is empty and ready for all the dirty dishes I made while cooking.

2. I search for healthy meals on pinterest or go through my favorite cook books. I typically like to try one new recipe a week.

3. I write out our meals for the week on my Weekly Meal Planning Template and create my Shopping List.

Next week I will be sharing a little bit more about why I meal plan and how you can make it successful for you too!

How do you like to meal plan for the week? Any tips you can share with us?