Last Minute Easter Fun

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I didn’t have any plans to do an Easter post. I have been really focused on the new “Hello Summer” Thoughtful Tradition boxes coming out next week so Easter crafts haven’t been on my radar. But yesterday my oldest was out of school and I pulled out a few things and we had fun day with our friends. Our neighbors have two little girls, you may have seen them as they model for the Thoughtful Tradition boxes, and they are just precious. I may always be a boy mom and I love to have them over! So if you are like me and procrastinated a little on the Easter fun and need a few last minute ideas that are easy, here are some of the things we did yesterday!

Bunny Cups

I love using cups because they are simple, inexpensive and can be used for both a craft and a vessel for treats! I have found that including snacks during craft time is always a win so for these I put out popcorn, starburst and skittles that the kids could add to their cups once they turned them into bunnies!

Paper cups are my favorite but you could use any type of cup you have at home. I found these cute bunny cut outs on pinterest and we used these for the ears but you could easily just cut your own ears from printer paper or construction paper and glue to the cup.

The kids colored the bunny ears and then we glued the bunny on the back of the cup. We added eyes, a fuzzy nose and of course a tail then used a sharpie to make the whiskers! This activity is super simple and great for all ages.


Easter Egg Hunt 

I love Easter egg hunts! The kids love them too! In our family the adults always hide the eggs and then the kids get to find them. So I thought it would be fun to let the kids hide them and we made a game out of it too! Each kid was to fill five eggs. Then they had to decorate the egg and make sure they had their initial or name on it so they knew it was their egg.

The catch was each child had to find all five of someone else’s eggs. They had a blast decorating their eggs, filling them and then hiding them. Plus they let off some energy running around outside and gave me a short break to check some emails and grab a snack!

Confetti Eggs

Last year after Easter I picked up these confetti eggs on sale at a boutique store. I had never seen them before but thought they were adorable and I couldn’t wait to use them this year! I  wanted to make sure we talked about the real reason we celebrate Easter and that it’s not just about bunnies and chocolate so I used these confetti eggs explain the true meaning of Easter. When I handed out the confetti eggs I shared with them that the egg represented the tomb where Jesus was buried but when they opened the tomb it was empty. I shared with them that this was the reason we celebrate! Christ is alive. He has risen! We talked how the egg was empty just like the tomb and the confetti symbolizes our celebration of His resurrection.

The kids had fun tossing the eggs and crushing them on their heads. It was a fun way to end the afternoon and be reminded of why we truly celebrate Easter. How blessed we are to have a Savior that died for us and rose from the grave to give us hope and joy. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey