June 2020

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How are you?

No really.


I find that as busy women we often don’t get asked this question enough by people we trust to fully express our true answer or if we do, we almost always say “I’m fine!”

Did you know that it’s OK to say “I’m ok but I’m tired” or “thank you for asking, today isn’t my best day.”

Some of my favorite women in the world are so good at asking “how are you” and when I respond with a generic “I’m fine”, they ask the question again.

Mamas, let’s get better at asking our sisters how we are doing and let’s do an even better job of answering with non sugar coated truth.

A lot is happening in the world right now and we need to be supporting each other and cheering each other on in the highest capacity.

As we start to embrace a new normal coming out of quarantine, as we stand up against racism, as we enter a new season of Summer, my prayer is that we lift each other up even more, that we are brave and that we continue to find ways celebrate.

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Thank you for always supporting me in my mission of sharing celebration with the world. I truly believe in the power of celebration and how it can help us crush mom guilt and cultivate happiness.

I am grateful for you and our friendship. I am cheering for you!