July 2020

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It’s my birthday month, and it’s time to celebrate!

July has always been one of my favorite months! I love the 4th of July (fireworks are my jam), I love eating confetti cake for my birthday (my mom makes it for me every year) and I love all the ways to #celebraterandomly this month (can you say hello hot fudge sundae day). July is a month full of celebration and I want you to join me in celebrating BIG! Are you ready?

$10K & 10K

Because it’s my birthday month, I have set two big goals!!

The first one I am already so close! But I need your help to reach the goal. Today as I am writing this I have 9,761 followers on Instagram. I really want to hit 10,000 followers!

By reaching this 10k goal, it allows me to better serve you as I will have the option to use “swipe up” and I get to share my mission of celebration with more mamas!

How can you help?

If you are not following me on Instagram, just click over and follow me! THANK YOU!

If you are already following me – THANK YOU – you can help by sharing my Instagram with a friend. Here are some ideas for how you can share!

1. On any Instagram post I share this week, in my comments tag a friend.

2. Take a picture of my Instagram, share it on your stories, ask your friends to follow and tag me so they can easily click your tag! Tell your friends why you like to follow me or share something you enjoy because you of my feed.

3. Create a Facebook or Instagram post so we can get to know more mamas! Invite your friends to follow a handful of your favorite people and include me in your post. Ask friends to follow for follow!

Can I share something with you about this goal?

I fully, whole heartedly believe that numbers don’t matter. Having 10,000 followers truly doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. If YOU were the only person that was following me I would continue to share my heart with you and cheer you on everyday.

BUT in the world of Instagram, 10K is a ‘magic’ number to get access to additional features so I can better serve you.

It also means the more women that follow me, the more of an opportunity I have to share how to crush mom guilt, to show more mamas how to conquer overwhelm and to teach more women how to cultivate celebration in their lives.

THIS is what is important to me.

So yes, I am asking you to help me get a superficial number but the reason behind the number is purely authentic.

Just think of it as your birthday gift to me!

$10K & 10K

My second goal this month is to create $10,000 in income through my ‘Chelsey Arnal Brand’. I already spent the money on a few really important things my family needed and now I need your help to manifest my goal.

I set financial goals like this every single month in all of my businesses but I have never shared them publicly so this feels a little vulnerable. When I stay focused and follow my plan I almost always reach the goal.

As a bonus for helping me reach my goal, I want to help you reach yours too. If you purchase any of the items below I will send you my ‘Thoughtful $10K Guide’ that breaks down how I intentionally make double digit months. You in?

How can you help?

1. Purchase “Celebrate Summer: Your Guide to a Happy, Connected, + Fun Summer”. ($5.00)

2. Purchase “5 Steps to a Thoughtful Social Media Marketing Plan.” ($5.00)

3. Pre Order my Holiday Workshop! As a holiday enthusiast, bucket list expert and thoughtful tradition specialist, I have spent years perfecting how to be more prepared for the holidays. This month I am launching an incredible resource for those of you wanting more joy and less stress come holiday season. Pre register for the workshop that will be online in September!! ($47.00)

4. Purchase one (or more!) of the amazing products in my shop. All of these items I personally use and love! Plus I include free shipping!

The best self tanner on the market. ($35.00)

Honestly the most magical, multi purpose body butter. Seriously you need this. ($38.00)

The only whitening toothpaste you will ever need. ($22.00)

5. Can’t purchase anything? No worries mama! I completely understand that finances might be tight with the current climate in the world. Could you share one of the products in my shop on your Facebook page? Reply to this email (or chelsey@chelseyarnal.com) and I will not only help you make a post but I will send you a gift for sharing with your friends!!

I am so grateful for each of you and all the love you have shown me and my family over the years. I love serving you and appreciate you contributing financially to my mission of sharing celebration with the world. Together we can crush mom guilt, conquer overwhelm and cultivate celebration every day!

July Freebies!

And now for my GIFTS to you!!

Each month I get to share with you TWO fun freebies! As a member of my celebration squad, I want to help you celebrate every single day.

The FIRST freebie, is each month I will provide you with a list of fun reasons to #celebraterandomly. Whether you are a mama looking to add some fun with your kiddos or you’re a small business owner that wants to use them as social media prompts, this list is sure to bring you added joy this month. Here is your free celebration prompt for JULY.

Make sure you include #celebraterandomly in your hashtags!

The SECOND freebie, is for every bucket list month, I will send you a bucket list. Here is your SUMMER BUCKET LIST.


I also added a new tool to my Toolbox and it’s FREE! Download your monthly planner for JULY.

This simple worksheet is something I do every month.

I print it out and put it with my monthly bucket list, celebration prompts and meal plan for the week.

I have four clip boards on the back of my pantry door where I hang each print and these tools help me live more thoughtfully and keep a celebration mindset.

This worksheet includes three sections.

Monthly Focus: Write down the top things you want to accomplish this month. The simple action of writing these down and keeping them at the top of your mind is powerful.

For example, I wrote down $10K as my income goal for the ‘Chelsey Arnal Brand’, I wrote 10K as the goal for my social media followers on Instagram, and I wrote “Summer Bucket List” because I know our Summer days are numbered and I want to make sure I am present and enjoy time with my family.

Dates to Remember: I want to love and serve the people around me as much as I can. Dates to remember can be birthdays, anniversaries or any special date that you want to remember so you can make the people in your life feel special.

Celebrate: I want you to celebrate your small tiny wins. Write them down so you have proof that you are winning. Staying in this celebration mindset not only gives you more confidence but it propels you to reach your goals faster.

Thank you for always supporting me in my mission of sharing celebration with the world.

I truly believe in the power of celebration and how it can help us crush mom guilt and cultivate happiness. I am grateful for you and our friendship and I am CHEERING YOU ON.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey