Introducing Thoughtful Traditions, Your New Favorite Subscription Box

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For years I dreamed about starting a family and creating traditions.

When my husband and I adopted our son Gabriel, he was 4 years old so I had the unique opportunity to dive straight into fun holiday activities and our bucket lists were born.

Over the past two years of sharing my free bucket lists and ebooks, many of you have requested to have some of my favorite activities, crafts and recipes curated for easy, ready to go use.

With a desire help you establish traditions with an easy, yet intentional approach, thoughtful traditions was imagined.

After many late nights and brainstorming sessions with my favorite moms, I am so happy to introduce to you thoughtful traditions, a subscription box that cultivates traditions and a legacy of thoughtfulness.

The first box will be mailed the last week of September and will arrive at your doorstep as a special delivery for October. Each box will include items for you and your family to create a craft, make a treat, explore an activity, deliver a gift or read a book. And of course there will a bucket list printed ready for you to get started making even more memories. I love surprises so you might find one of those included too!

The items included in each box assist you in creating family memories and cultivating traditions that your children look forward to each year and pass down generation after generation.

I also wanted the items to be curated with values of thoughtfulness, generosity, and gratitude. For example in the October Box the activity is focused around serving your family and maybe even a friend or neighbor disguised as fun. Each box will also include a gift which is not intended for you or your children but to be given to someone else. I love the value of teaching children gratitude and thoughtfulness and its a nice reminder for us as moms too.

My hope is that your family will find joy in the anticipation as you wait for the arrival of the box.

My wish is that you soak in the delight of your children as they enthusiastically rip open the box and find magical moments in the contents.

And finally my dream is that you take a breath and enjoy the memories you are creating with your family while cultivating thoughtful traditions.

Each box has been thoughtfully priced at $40.00 and includes free shipping to allow for an affordable yet generous box for celebration. I invite you to become a six month subscription member and receive a 10% discount per box. You not only receive discounted pricing but you also will receive a complimentary box to share with a friend, it is the perfect gift that will be lovingly received.

Orders start August 2017 and we can’t wait to get these into your homes for the holiday season.

Start shopping HERE! 

Thoughtfully, Chelsey