Introducing the Back to School Box

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Friends! We are in the last stretch of Summer!

Part of me is soooo ready for the routine that school brings but the other part of me isn’t quite ready for Summer to end and I want just a little bit more time with my babies. Anyone else feel torn?

As we prepare to finish our Summer Bucket List and start thinking about Back to School, I want to introduce you to my newest box!

Celebrating the first day of school is a fun tradition to look forward to every year. This month’s box provides all that you need to make your child feel special and loved as they enter a new school year. Each box contains contents for two children. Should you need materials for an extra child just message me and I will create a custom box for you! 

Back to School Countdown (already printed for you and ready to hang!) 

Back to School Celebration Kit 

  • Decorations (Pencil Shapes, Apples)
  • “Apple” Plates (4)
  • Dry Erase Board Place Mat (2)
  • Special ‘Cups’ (2)
  • Back to School Stickers


First Day of School Interview (Print your child’s entering Grade) 

Picture Sign “First Day of ____ Grade”
I have two of these signs printed and ready for you to write your child’s grade included in the box. But if you want the grade printed, I also have these available to print for free here.

Teacher and / or Student Gift Tags for First Day of School +  Cookie Bag (Cookies Not Included) 
These are printed on sticker paper for you! Just peel sticker, add a cookie in the included bag and secure with the stickers! Give one to your child’s teacher and surprise your child with a cookie in their lunch!

  • “Happy First Day of School”
  • “Cookies Make the World A Better Place Just Like You”
  • “I am Going to Be One Smart Cookie With You as My Teacher”


Inspiring Pencil Set 

  • Be Kind
  • Be Grateful
  • Be Thoughtful
  • Be Smart

Back to School Journal (1)
Writing is a powerful way to communicate. This back to school journal is for you and your kiddos to enjoy together. Write down things you loved about the day, positive things you noticed your child doing or just random things about life that is happening. Always end with a question so they can respond to you. This is a great activity to help not only improve your child’s writing skills but also feel comfortable communicating with you in a special way. It builds connection between you and your child and is an easy way to make them feel loved and appreciated. Leave it on the kitchen table or somewhere you can write in regularly.

Pocket Heart (2)
Before your child heads off to school, let them see you give this adorable heart a little kiss. Let your child know, whether they are 5 or 15, that they can put this tiny heart in their pocket, backpack or locker and give it a squeeze anytime they might feel scared or need some encouragement throughout the day. This cute heart is a tangible reminder how much you love them and that you are always with them.

You only have TWO WEEKS to order!

Let me be part of your tribe this year as we celebrate Back to School! ORDER HERE!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey