Introducing Hartley by Slumberkins

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Did you know that May is foster care awareness month? Although, we did not end up adopting through foster care we started our adoption process here. When Clayton and I first decided to adopt, I found a local agency in Dallas. We attended training classes and met one on one with some of the amazing staff that help find children forever homes.

During this process we learned that we needed to be very comfortable with the foster to adopt process. After years of infertility and the strong desire to be a mother, I was willing to do anything, I couldn’t wait to move forward. But my loving husband knew me and knew how fragile I was and he said no. He knew that if we brought a baby into our home and there was a chance that child would be taken away he would lose me. He knew I would not have been able to handle that happening emotionally, spiritually or even physically.

We decided to not to move forward adopting through foster care but under different circumstances I would have happily started my family here and we may consider adopting again in the future through our local foster care system.

Adopting our son Gabriel has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Watching the faithfulness of God is a beauty that is indescribable. I never thought adoption would be part of our story but I am truly grateful for the blessings it has brought to me and my family.

Although adoption has been one of my greatest joys, the baggage that comes with an older adoption isnt always rainbows and sunshine. Adopting an older child (we adopted Gabriel when he was 4 years old) comes with many challenges that we were not prepared for. From difficult conversations, unusual behaviors and lots of therapy, it has only been by faith that we have navigated this far.

I had the privilege of meeting the owners of Slumberkins this past February. These two women are incredible and as we shared our stories of motherhood, business and life my heart exploded after learning about their new book Hartley. Hartley was inspired by children that are in foster care or that have been adopted.

I love working with companies that are thoughtful of their consumers and Slumberkins has been diligent and loving in assisting families navigate the journey of childhood and all the emotions and experiences that come during this season. I am grateful for these adorable snuggly creatures and comforting books to help me and my son along our adoption journey.

I teamed up with Slumberkins and Alliance of Moms to introduce Hartley this month in honor of foster care awareness. Go check out these precious creatures and the compassionate company behind this mission. I know you will love them as much as we do!  And how cute are these two boys of mine! My heart explodes watching them read together and the Slumberkins books have become some of our favorites!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey