How to Make Christmas Shopping Stress Free

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Me: I am just going to run in. I don’t need a cart..

Also me:  Forgets that my baby weights 30 pounds. Also forgets that we are shopping during nap time which means Connor wants his pacifier and his milk.

Thankfully, Walmart has me covered and put a gift card station within ten feet of walking into the store. I may be dropping pacifiers, sippy cups and maybe even a baby since he weighs almost as much as my six year old, but I will not be dropping the ball on Christmas this year with the help of Walmart’s huge gift card selection. I was able to grab a few of my favorite gift cards and finish my juggling act quickly.

I know what you might be thinking.

Gift cards can be so impersonal right?

Listen. I love Christmas! I consider myself to be a very gracious gift giver and I think gift cards can be extremely thoughtful.

One of my favorite gifts to give is a Texas Roadhouse gift card. No cooking, no dishes plus an amazing meal. Oh and warm rolls plus cinnamon butter! Now you are speaking my love language. Who doesn’t dream of gifts like this! Tell me I am right mamas?

Make your Christmas shopping stress free with gift cards this year from Walmart. Spend the extra time watching Christmas movies, drinking hot coco and snuggling on the couch. You’re welcome.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey