How to Have an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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I grew up in a small town and love the countryside almost as much as I love the beach and the beach is my favorite place in the whole world.

My childhood included lots of outdoor scavenger hunts and I have such fond memories of being in nature.

As much as I can, I love to give my boys opportunities to explore, connect with nature and experience the natural beauty that God created.

There are so many rich sensory experiences outdoors as well as endless opportunities to collect and find special treasures.

In the Thanksgiving Edition of our Thoughtful Tradition boxes, I included two small brown paper bags for your child to collect their own treasures and a scavenger hunt print they can attach to their bag. If you don’t have one of our boxes I have included a free download to the scavenger hunt HERE.


You can also use the items they collect to make fun crafts! For example we love to paint rocks, make animals or even a bird feeder from pinecones and there are so many great art projects with leaves! 

And if it’s too cold outside, try to get some of the items and place them around your home for an indoor scavenger hunt. The kids will love it and it will give you a few moments to yourself!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey