Honest Motherhood: Overcoming Perfectionism, Anxiety and Depression during Holiday Break

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thanksgiving break activities for kids

Thanksgiving is almost here!

The days after Halloween seem to move so quickly don’t they?

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!

For me, in this stage of life, Thanksgiving break also means a full week with my kiddos at home.

I have a few mom friends that absolutely love summer break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, you name the break and they genuinely love the extra time with their kiddos.

Me. Not so much.

Ok. Wait just a minute. Let me explain…

Before you start name calling, I want you to know I love my kids. I do. I prayed and wished and begged for them for so many years. They are the definition of joy and of God’s faithfulness in my life.

But, being with them 24/7 for a whole week can really be a challenge for me.

As a mother, I often struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and I have found I am much more introverted than you might expect. All of these things combined, sometimes makes a full week with kids and no break overwhelming for me.

This is where my bucket lists and activities based on traditions have been so helpful. Having ready to go and planned activities allows me the freedom to enjoy being in the moment with my kids. I can soak in their delight and not be stressed over the details or worried about not having anything to do.

Because I have a number of bucket list items that we still haven’t completed for the month of November and we have the activities from the Thoughtful Traditions box, I can confidently go into the Thanksgiving break with less stress, less anxiety and I am looking forward to spending the quality time with my kids and making memories.

I know I can’t be the only mom that feels this way (well, hopefully not!!) so if you struggle with some of these same things, I created this box just for you.

Let’s surprise and delight our children this holiday season but with less stress and more fun!!

If you don’t have plans yet, I encourage you to try out our Thanksgiving box. It will make for a fun week of quality time filled with cultivating traditions and inspiring gratitude and thoughtfulness.

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey

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