Hello February

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I have seen so many posts on facebook and instagram this week about how loooong January feels.

I can agree that it can feel like a long month, but I love the month of January. That extra energy that it brings for growth and change and a fresh beginning motivates me to keep reaching for my goals. So much so that February actually snuck up on me!

I shared with my celebrate retreat celebration squad – these are the ladies that have attended one of my retreats – a confession today.

You see during the celebrate retreats, we talk about fiercely protecting our calendars. I remind them that the calendar really doesn’t change much and we should be more intentional and look ahead.

I want you to operate from a place of rest instead of a place of chaos. Dates on the calendar are not a surprise. 

However, I made the confession that February actually did sneak up on me this month. It happens to the best of us even when we are trying to live more intentionally.

I added a new section to the shop this month and I think you are going to love the new tools coming your way.

This month, I am sharing my ‘monthly planner’ with you for free!

In this month of love, I thought I would share a few things that I am loving this month.  I am going to share a few of these on my facebook page this week so jump on and tell me a few things you are loving too!

“Bitter Love” by Pia Mia. I found this song through the ‘After’ soundtrack and it’s a great song to turn on and just get to work on my computer.

“High Performing Habits” by Brendon Burchard. This book is gold ya’ll. I am a huge fan of Brendon and everything he does. It’s not necessarily an easy read but the content is amazing.

I love kimonos. They are one of my favorite go to travel items because of how well they pack and how versatile they are. Winter prohibits me from wearing my favorite tropical kimonos but I found this sweater kimono and it’s everything. It’s basically an oversized cardigan sweater and feels like you are wearing a hug. Your’e welcome.

Wishing you a February filled with love and a little extra chocolate.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey