Hello April

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Happy Friday Friends! And Hello April.

I have been pretty awful about keeping you in the loop lately. There have been a lot of things happening behind the scenes and I have been juggling quite a few things the past few months and haven’t done the best job of sharing.

This past weekend was kind of a bummer. On Friday we had to put my sweet puppy of almost 15 years to sleep. All week, our home has felt incredibly empty.  My son Connor, who just recently turned two, is a messy eater as most toddlers are but I never thought much about it because Lexie was always right there at his feet waiting to indulge. I miss her whining for food at the table and licking up anything we might leave behind. I knew it was getting close to have to say goodbye, but I didn’t know it would be this hard. I have an overwhelming sense of loss since she has been gone. A few times, I have even thought I saw her all curled up in the corner by my bed where she would always lay. She was the most protective and loving dog. She was my first baby and I miss her so much.

To add to the weekend, on Sunday I had an ovarian cyst burst. I don’t know how many of you have  ever had this happen but as you might can imagine it is incredibly painful. The first time this happened to me was in January of this year. I felt a strong pain in my abdomen that stopped me in my tracks. I literally fell to the floor with the initial sharp pain. I had to breathe through the pain, just like I did with contractions when I gave birth. I called my midwife and ended up doing a sonogram to not only find that I was having a cyst burst but that I was also having a miscarriage. I haven’t shared any details on this because honestly I haven’t fully wrapped my own head around it. I don’t really know what to say. I was devastated. So when I felt the pain again on Sunday, it was not only painful but it brought up some emotions that I didn’t know I hadn’t walked through yet because it brought me back to the loss in January.

The pain of the cyst bursting is so strange because it doesn’t last very long. I think from start to finish the intense pain lasted about 2 hours and then I felt perfectly fine, like nothing ever happened. It’s the strangest thing. I have been trying to focus on my health these past few months and I am continuing on this journey so I can potentially get pregnant again and have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Ok, so I feel like this post has been a little bit of a bummer so far, so I am going to bring up the happiness level now. Sound good?


So this past week, even with a terrible weekend, I had an incredible week! I was so encouraged and uplifted and I can’t wait to share everything with you. So in an attempt to redeem myself from being so quiet lately, I am sharing a whole lotta of stuff today and we are going to celebrate!

And that brings me to my first announcement. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to write a book. I am an avid reader and have always imagined my very own book added to our bookshelf. For years and years I never knew what that elusive book would be about, until this year, when God laid it on my heart.

I know without a doubt that it had to take this long. I had to be in this exact moment for me to be able to write this and although it was frustrating to not have that book title for so long, I am incredibly grateful that my life has been filled with experiences that have had me wait on my Heavenly Father because I have learned to trust His perfect timing, especially when it doesn’t match my own.

I don’t technically have a title for my book yet, still working on that perfect one, but I know the heart of the message and how it can change people’s lives and my heart is bursting to share it with you!!

The book is about celebration and how you can use this one simple tool to improve your life.

I have self proclaimed myself as your #celebrationcheerleader because I want to share in your celebrations, I want to encourage you to celebrate more and I want to show you how it can transform your productivity, your relationships and your overall success and happiness. Until I can get these incredible words in your hands through a tangible book, I will be cheering you on from the social media sidelines.

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing more prompts, questions and content about celebration not only here on the blog, but on my instagram, facebook and thoughtful mamas group.

Can I ask you do to me a favor? Will you say a prayer for me as I finish curating these words into a book? It is sooo much harder than I expected and I know the world needs this message so I am determined to finish and be able to share this very special book on celebration!! Or if you have any book writing knowledge, send it my way. I am going to need it.

To start off the celebration discussion, I want to share a WIN with you! Last week I announced my very first women’s retreat in Tulum, Mexico! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and when I went to Tulum in February with one of my destination wedding couples, I fell in love and knew it was the perfect location to host my retreat.

I shared the details and soooo many of you were excited and wanted to come. It sold out in less than 24 hours!! I can’t tell you how grateful and overwhelmed I feel that you have trusted me on this. I am taking 8 amazing women to experience rest, rejuvenation, and to celebrate them in one of the most magical settings in September and it honestly can’t get here fast enough. I am already thinking about the next one so f you think you might be interested in joining me, make sure you join my newsletter as I will be announcing details there first.

I have been off to a slow start on our April 2019 Bucket List but I am so happy I created this one because I feel like I really need it right now. Between wedding season, book writing, and retreat planning, I have been pretty focused on work and haven’t been spending as much time being present with my family. And that is exactly why I created the bucket lists. They are reminder to me to schedule the things that truly matter and even during a busy season, making sure that feeding the ducks with my boys or “egging” our neighbors not only makes it on the calendar but is a priority.

Happy first week of April friends! I am ready for sunshine, a few rainy days, to sit on more patios, celebrate Easter, and I can’t wait to dive head first into all the things this month will bring! Will you be sure to share your bucket list activities with me by using #celebratebucketlists on your social media? And be on the lookout for lots of fun content based on my new book that is all about celebration! I will be your #celebrationcheerleader hanging out on the social media sidelines! See you there!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey