Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

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I have really enjoyed seeing all the fun activities and traditions you are creating with your families using our Thoughtful Traditions boxes! If you haven’t ordered yours yet there is still time! We have just a few left before they are sold out.

One of my instagram friends Peace Love and Mommy, shared with me a few photos of how she and her girls used their edible candy eyes from our box to make rice “creepy” treats. I loved this idea and knew my oldest son Gabriel would enjoy making these too!

And the best part is they were very simple and not hard to make at all.

I didn’t really want to make rice krispie treats so I just bought some pre made. I picked up three different colors of candy melts and I had plenty of candy eyes from ordering in bulk for our Thoughtful Tradition boxes.

halloween rice krispie treats

halloween rice krispie treats

halloween rice krispie treats

connor grabbing a rice krispy treat

My littlest wanted in on the action too. I gave him a rice krispie treat and he was content holding it while big brother dipped them in chocolate. I know he is just a baby but it was fun to have him involved in our treat making!

You could easily just get one bag of candy melts. We only had to use a very small amount from each bag so I have a ton of candy melts left over.  If you have any ideas on how to use these let me know!

halloween rice krispie treats

halloween rice krispie treats

halloween rice krispie treats

The first step is to put the candy melts in the microwave. The package says to put it on defrost but mine didn’t seem to be melting so I just put them in for a minute on regular. Once they are melted you just stir them up and use them to dip the rice krispie treats in.

Note: The glass bowl we used in the microwave was really hot so be sure to let your child know to be cautious while mixing the candy melts.

halloween rice krispie treats

The next step is to dip the top of the rice krispie treats into the chocolate. We also used a spoon to help make sure it was coated. We put a full coat of chocolate on the front and sides but tried not to put too much on the back so it didn’t stick to the plate. I am sure you could have the chocolate dry with the treats standing up but I didn’t think that far ahead. We just dipped them and put them on a plate to dry.

halloween rice krispie treats

halloween rice krispie treats

gabriel laughing

Once we were done dipping we put our edible candy eyes on top. Some of our treats at two eyes and most of them had more than that. Gabriel loved the final product with the mix of eyes and I thought they turned out really cute!

gabriel putting eyes on treats

finished product on plate

halloween rice krispie treats

pink final product

This was a really easy and fun after school activity. My son enjoyed eating the special treat and I think we both loved the time together. This is why I love the holiday season. It provides so many opportunities for us to connect with our children. I created Thoughtful Traditions for moments just like this.

eating treat

Shopping List:

Rice Krispie Treats or Make Your Own Using Rice Krispie Cereal and Marshmallows

Wilton Candy Melts (You can even get these in Pumpkin Spice flavor too!)

Wilton Candy Eyes

Thoughtfully, Chelsey