Family Photos: January 2016

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One tradition that I would love to continue is to take yearly family photos. Last January I was able to gather my parents, my brother and his wife, plus my sister and her family for a big group photo.


Just a few months after this photo was taken I found out I was pregnant with Connor and my sister is due with her second child in August 2017 so I am excited to get the next photo shoot on the calendar to document our growing family.

One of the greatest joys of becoming a mother has been watching my parents become grandparents. My favorite photos from this shoot were my parents with Gabriel and my nephew Colton. I can’t help but smile each time I see them together.

family photos

family photos

Surely I am not the only one that stresses over finding the perfect outfits for family photos? Why is it so dang stressful? We decided to go with a black and gray palette and I think it worked really well as a large group. Maybe next time we will change it up and incorporate a little more color.



Gabriel was super happy to be taking family photos. Sometimes these are the most frame worthy right? And check out his expression below. Watch out ladies. #heartbreaker


Photography: Jessica Donofrio

Hair + Makeup: Meagan Bechtel