Celebrating the Coronavirus Quarantine

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I see a lot of my mom friends in a panic with schools closing across the country.

I decided to homeschool my 9 year old Gabriel last year so I have learned how to be a work from home mom while both of my boys are home. This has been an adjustment for me and I know it can feel really uncomfortable just thinking about working with kids or just being home with kids 24/7 for an extended period of time.

Can I tell you though, as hard as homeschooling as been, this past year has been one of the best. I don’t think you should homeschool (unless you want to or have been called to) but during this extra long break with kids at home I encourage you to see it from a celebration viewpoint.

Celebrate that my kids are home for two weeks are more?

Have you lost your ever living mind Chelsey? 

No. I’m serious.

Hear me out.

This can be a wonderful time if you allow it to be.

I encourage you to change your mindset from “how am I going to survive having my kids home for so long” but instead “how we can celebrate this time as a family?”

If you are a mom, I can bet with 99% confidence that you have said “I wish time would just slow down for a minute.”

Mama, your wish has ultimately come true.

Maybe not under the circumstances that you would have imagined, but this is truly a time to pause, celebrate and enjoy this extra time with your family.

I know what you are thinking.

Fine {insert eye roll and maybe crossed arms here}, I will choose to have a more positive outlook but HOW in the world are we actually going to pull this off?

That is what this blog is all about today.

How to celebrate with your kids through the coronavirus quarantine.

I am going to be sharing all of my tips and tricks on how to not only entertain your kids but how to spend this time to grow a little closer.

I also know that being at home means lots of meals so I also included 20 meal themes that can help you have some fun in your meal planning in the coming weeks!

Let’s get started.

Celebrate Randomly

You know I love to Celebrate Randomly and we have a full calendar for March. Download the calendar for free and then pick a few to experience together!

For example March 19 is “Let’s Laugh Day”. Get your family together and share your favorite jokes or tell stories of when you have laughed so hard together.

March 23 is “National Chip + Dip Day”, people around the country are loading up on toilet paper and wine but me – I have got enough chips and salsa to last me at least a month. Chips + Salsa is always a reason to celebrate. Make homemade salsa together or maybe even have an eating contest with the hottest salsa.

Spring Break Bucket List 

I put together a Spring Break Bucket List with some fun things you can do with your kids. Some of these you may need to adjust due to the quarantine but all of these are easy and fun to do with your family.

 25 Things to Do as a Family 

  1. Spring Clean – I know this isn’t the most fun one on the list but take a day and deep clean. Get everyone involved. It’s a great way to start a quarantine and everyone can work together!
  2. St. Patricks Day Party – I love to celebrate holidays! Why not go all out for St. Patricks Day this year at home! Make shamrock shakes, paint rainbows and talk like a leprechaun!
  3. Dance Party in the Kitchen – Turn on some music and dance it out. Let each family member choose a different song or practice a dance together like the salsa or tango!
  4. Monopoly – Monopoly always takes sooo long, am I right? Now is the perfect opportunity to waste endless hours buying properties and hotels. Don’t forget to collect $200 when you pass go!
  5. Education Resources – I am not affiliated with any of these products but we do use many of them for our homeschool. A lot of companies have free one month trials or are waiving fees because of the coronavirus.
  6. Minute to Win it Games – Go to Pinterest and search for these! There are way too many to list but so many fun and entertaining options!
  7. Facetime with Family – Your parents, grandparents and lots of other family members would love to say hello to you. Give them a call or facetime them!
  8. Write Letters – This is a great writing activity plus a fun way to connect. Send letters to missionaries, military, friends or family! Everyone loves getting snail mail.
  9. Nature Walk – Get outside, even if it’s not ideal weather. Look for bugs, leaves, birds and then document your findings. You really don’t have to go far from your house to find something interesting.
  10. Movie Night – Obviously there is going to be some extra screen time these next few weeks but you can still have a special movie night as a family. Pop popcorn, set out your favorite candy and choose a movie the whole family will enjoy!
  11. Board Games – Pull out those dusty board games sitting in the back of the closet and spend some time as a family playing games together!
  12. Read Aloud – Pick a book that everyone can enjoy and read it out loud to the whole family. Set the scene with cozy blankets, a reading fort or maybe a candle.
  13. Family Puzzle – Find a puzzle that is 500 to 1000 pieces with an interesting picture that will be a challenge but not too frustrating to do together!
  14. Yoga – Move together as a family and take a yoga class in the living room! Find a video on Youtube or there are a lot of great apps!
  15. Around the World – Pick a place anywhere in the world and research all the things you want to know about it. Search the web, look for videos or movies and dive in. Maybe even work on a travel itinerary so when this quarantine is over you can start planning to actually go!
  16. Story Time Sundae’s – Grab all the toppings and have a sundae bar! Once everyone has made their creations go around the table and have each person tell a story!
  17. Scavenger Hunts – Create your own family scavenger hunt. Pick a theme and give each person a task.
  18. Stargazing – Lay on the trampoline or on a big blanket at the park and stare at the stars!
  19. Hide and Seek – Playing this game as a family is twice as fun!
  20. Scrub a Dub – Wash and clean out the cars! Have everyone pitch in and maybe splash some bubbles on each other!
  21. Charades – An easy and fun game for almost all ages!
  22. Poetry Tea Time – We have poetry tea time almost every week. We don’t drink much tea but my kids love hot chocolate. Drinking from fancy tea cups and reading poetry together is something we look forward to each week! My favorites are from Shel Silverstein but there are so many beautiful writers to choose from!
  23. Create a Time Capsule – Include photos, letters, list of favorite things and anything that might be fun to rediscover in a few years! Pick a date to when you can open!
  24. Truth or Dare – Keeping this game family friendly requires no prep and it’s lots of fun!
  25. Fancy Fun – Set the dinner table with candles, linen napkins and glassware! Leave the paper plates in the cabinet tonight. Have you kids make centerpieces for the special dinner while you are cooking, then enjoy a fancy candlelight dinner together!

20 Things to Keep Your Kids Busy 

  1. Pool Float Fun – Get a cheap pool float, blow it up and let the kids watch a movie in the living room. Want to really win the day? Get a donut or a unicorn float for extra fun!
  2. Choose Your Own Project – Have your child pick a subject and spend a set amount of time researching it. Use a variety of resources from books, online search to videos.
  3. Crepe Paper Obstacle Course – Get a roll of crepe paper and make a maze!
  4. Cardboard Box Creations – Bring out some of your Amazon boxes or maybe even diaper boxes and let your kids get creative. Don’t give any instructions just some creative materials and let them dream! I love this book with ideas for cereal boxes too!
  5. Make a Reading Cave – Forts are fun but add in a flashlight, a basket of books, a non messy snack and a few pillows and you have an incredible ‘cave’ perfect to get lost in a good book or two!
  6. Sidewalk Chalk – Encourage your older kids to make beautiful art or write inspiring words. Let your littles be creative!
  7. Nerf Gun Wars – You can set up an obstacle course in the backyard or if you are brave, set it up in the house. Grab your nerf guns and let the kids have fun!
  8. Art Camp – Let your kids have their own art camp! Pull out all of the art supplies and pick a theme for the ‘camp’ day! Let them get creative!
  9. Water Play – Kids of all ages love water! Water balloons, mud pies, a car wash for hot wheels, make a shark tank, and if it’s warm enough maybe even play in the sprinklers!
  10. Rock Painting – Send your kids out to find the perfect rock then set out paint so they can write or draw special messages!
  11. Window Paint – Do you like washing windows? I don’t. But my kids love it. Pick up some window paint, let them color all over the window and then the best part is they get to clean the window too! Amazon has a cheap squeegee too if you want to really up your cleaning game!
  12. Balloons – These may not be enjoyable for your older kids but for littles these work every single time. Blow up a few balloons or add helium and you will land yourself some extra kid free moments!
  13. Bored Jars – I use these every summer! I get a mason jar, write activities on popsicle sticks and then anytime I hear the word “bored” have them pick from the jar. You can download my bored jar list here for free.
  14. Start a business – Kids, even at very young ages, often have entrepreneurial endeavors. Maybe it’s not the right time to open a lemonade stand but have your kids start thinking about what they could do or maybe even start a business plan!
  15. Try a New Hobby – Have your kids try something new! From sewing, to a new sport, to cooking let them explore a new hobby!
  16. Spa Day – You may think this would only be for girls but boys love this too! Have a spa day at home. Paint toe nails, give massages, or do a face mask! Have a robe? Wear that too!
  17. Toilet Paper Tube Crafts – With all the toilet paper frenzy I thought this might give you a much needed laugh. And it’s actually a great, activity for kids of all ages! The number of things you can create with toilet paper rolls is endless!
  18. Kitchen Chemistry – I know science projects and slime require supervision and time but I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t love some type of kitchen chemistry!
  19. Snack Boxes – This isn’t really an activity but if you want something that will give you a few minutes of alone time, try this! Make a snack box for each child. You can get a plastic storage organizer from the dollar tree and add a variety candies and fruit snacks! Or for older kids actually get a box, even something like a shoe box, and add lots of different snacks! Kids love opening these and going through all the different snacks!
  20. Journal – If your kids don’t have a journal yet, you can make one with paper or pick one up at the store. Let your kids have their own special journal to write in or you could even do a “mommy and me” journal where you write and answer questions back and forth. For littles that can’t write yet, give them stickers or crayons!

20 Meal Theme Ideas 

  1. Meatless Monday – Go meatless for a meal and try something new!
  2. Taco Tuesday – My favorite day of the week!
  3. Stir Fry Friday – Stir Fry is healthy, easy and you don’t have to just enjoy on Friday!
  4. You’re On Your Own – This might be my favorite. Let’ the kids (or your spouse) figure it out. You are literally on your own.
  5. Pantry Picnic – Shop your own pantry and have a picnic!
  6. Freezer Fun – Go through the freezer and see what is about to expire or dig deep and use something from the very back of the freezer!
  7. Tropical Island – Wish you were on the beach somewhere? Me too. Even if you can’t have your toes in the sand, a tropical menu will brighten any menu!
  8. Soup + Sandwich – Use those canned soups and make a sandwich for the perfect pair.
  9. Pasta Night – Any pasta of your choice!
  10. Pizza Night – Always fun to make your own but frozen is just as yummy!
  11. Breakfast for Dinner – Enjoy your favorite breakfast foods
  12. Burger Bar – Grill some burgers and set out all the toppings!
  13. Fish Friday – Bake or Grill your favorite fish! Fridays are great but any night will do!
  14. Book Club – Do you ever read a book and notice it has lots of fun food? Pick your favorite book, start looking for those unique foods and then make them to enjoy!
  15. Copy Cat – What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant? Try and replicate it!
  16. Happy Hour – No, not that kind of happy hour. This one is all about appetizers! Pick all of your favorites and serve them as the main meal.
  17. Mediterranean Monday – Research your favorite Mediterranean dish and enjoy!
  18. Side Dish Saturday – Sometimes the best part of the meal is the side dish! For this fun theme night, only serve side dishes!
  19. Kid’s Choice – Let’s the kids pick tonight. Anything they choose! Even if it’s brownies! Ok, especially if it’s brownies!
  20. Take Out Night – I know how hard cooking meals night after night can be. Give yourself a break and just get some take out.

I hope these ideas can help you celebrate this unique time of quarantine instead of just survive it. I am praying for your health and safety as we navigate COVID-19 and wish you and your family a time of connection and joy.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey