How to “Boo Your Neighbor”

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I know we are only in the middle of September but who is ready for Halloween?!

I love October because it kicks off three months of holiday fun!

September often feels like Christmas Eve to me as a child. You are just so excited for Santa to come but you still have to wait one more day!

kendall sitting on floor with bag

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to “boo your neighbor”.

Is there anything quite like the exhilaration of ringing the door bell and running away as a kid?!

So fun right?

cam ken and mel doing project together

In the Halloween edition of my Thoughtful Tradition boxes I have included a “boo your neighbor” kit. Everything you need to surprise your neighbor is included except for a treat. You can add your favorite Halloween candy, hit up the dollar bins at Target for fun Halloween swag or share one of the treats you made using the edible candy eyes in the boxes!

Still not exactly sure how to “boo your neighbor”? No worries! Here are the steps!

1. Make or purchase a bag, box or bucket. Decorate it or let your kids get creative! 

kendall putting stickers on bag

2. Fill your bag, box or bucket with Halloween goodies or treats!

close up of bag and candy bowl

3. Attach instructions for your neighbor. 

boo bag big sticker photo

4. Deliver the treats to your neighbors door step.

drop bag on doorstep kendall

5. Ring the door bell and run!

kendall run away

Sharing a treat with our neighbors is a great way to show our love and teach our kids kindness in a fun and easy way. One of my favorite things about Halloween is that it builds community. It’s probably one of the best opportunities to get out and meet your neighbors.

People leave their homes and walk around the neighborhood and you interact with dozens of children and parents. I am not always great about getting outside and saying hello to my neighbors so this is something I am working on too. But I think its important and I love that Halloween provides an environment to foster friendships and build better community among neighbors.

Last year we had a small get together at our house before we went trick or treating. This year I would like to open my doors a little wider and invite a few more neighbors to stop by. I am going to keep it simple with “monster brew” and cupcakes using the adorable Thoughtful Traditions cupcake kit.

I think people are craving community right now. I think families are craving more time together and traditions they can rely on each year.

Join the excitement! Do something thoughtful for your neighbors this Halloween while also cultivating a family tradition and building new relationships!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey