Black Friday 2018

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Last year I didn’t do a Black Friday Sale.

I felt (still feel) strongly that Black Friday just isn’t in line with my vision of putting what matters first into action. Especially this year since I am trying cut way back on Christmas shopping.

To have a Black Friday Sale, so many people end up working on Thanksgiving and I just can’t support that. I worked in retail one to two Christmas’s and hated being at work at 2am to be ready for the store opening. I am not a morning person but mostly it just didn’t feel like I got to fully enjoy the holiday.

I am launching two new products this year  (Christmas Eve Box + Letters from Santa) so I have decided to appease the early holiday shoppers and offer a Black Friday Sale but you will find me eating leftovers, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling with my boys.

On top of the Black Friday Sale, the four days following will also be filled with deals so if you want to sleep in (ok I know that is just a dream that mothers have) and skip the hustle and bustle of Friday, enjoy staying in your fat pants on Friday then get out there on Saturday and shop at your favorite small business as that is something I can fully stand behind. And if you want to shop in your fat pants, that’s ok too. You will not be alone mama!

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey