Back to School: The Ultimate Guide to a Fun First Day of School

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Routine ideas, checklists, and activities to help you have a happy, connected and fun back to school with your kids!

Celebrating the first day of school is a fun tradition to look forward to every year. These downloads provide all that you need to make your child feel special and loved as they enter a new school year!

  • First Day Day of School Lunch Box Note
  • Count Down to Back to School Printable
  • August Bucket List
  • August Celebration Prompts
  • After School Routine Planner
  • Teacher: Getting to Know You
  • First Day of School Sign for Photos “First Day of __ Grade”
  • August Monthly Planner: Goals + Gratitude
  • Throw Confetti Around Like Kindness Printable
  • Throw Confetti Around Like Kindness Worksheet
  • First Day of School Interview
  • Teacher and / or Student Cookie Gift Tags for First Day of School

The First Day of School is a great opportunity to start new traditions. As parents we only have a short amount of time with our young kids and celebrating traditions as a family is a wonderful way to make memories that our children will remember forever. 

Back to School Countdown

I love to count down to celebrations! It’s a fun and easy way to bring anticipation to a special day. I have included a countdown to the First Day of School print out that you can either frame or laminate and then use a dry erase marker to count down the days until school beings! 

Back to School Celebration 

The First Day of School is often hectic but a little planning can make the first morning or even the night before a special tradition. For an easy place setting take a red paper plate, add a leaf and make an ‘apple’ as your plate. I love to use test tubes as a “cup” but you could use a beaker or something fun to make orange juice even more fun to start the day! Pick up a small dry erase board and use it as your placemat. Maps also work great for this! Plus these can be used again for after school notes and learning. Add a few decorations to place on the table that are back to school theme and you just created something really special mama! Don’t forget that traditions don’t have to be elaborate to be meaningful. 

First Day of School Questionnaire 

I have included a printed questionnaire for the First Day of School. I keep a 3 ring notebook for each school year, print these and place them in a plastic cover. They start each new school year and are a fun way to look back year after year. Have your child fill out the form to capture their handwriting and don’t forget to snap that First Day of School photo so you can add to the form before you file it away. 

First Day of School Photo 

If you only do one tradition every year, I think it would have to be to take a photo on the First Day of School. It is so fun to look at the photos and see the changes in our children! I have included a printed sign your child can hold to capture the grade they are entering. There is a blank circle for you to write the grade level. I also have a free download in the shop that has each individual grade you can print if you would prefer. There are homeschool options too! 

One Smart Cookie 

You are going to love these simple gifts for the First Day of School. Give one of these to your child’s teacher and / or put one if your child’s lunch box for a sweet surprise. Just add a cookie to a CD cover and you have a thoughtful treat. I would also recommend adding a small sheet of parchment paper so the cookie doesn’t soak through.  Put your cookie face up in the center of the window. Cut the labels out (you can print them on sticker paper) and then attach the label to the pouch. 

My hope this month is that you take a deep breath and enjoy the memories you are creating with your family while cultivating thoughtful traditions. Let’s make some holiday magic and start traditions that last a lifetime.