Back to School: Get to Know Your Teacher (Free Download)

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My son started 1st grade today. I feel a little anxiety sweep over me just typing that sentence.

We had a pretty tough year last year but we survived kindergarten and I am looking forward to a new school year hopefully with less phone calls from the principal, bus driver, counselor, p.e. teacher, art teacher, nurse, oh and the cafeteria ladies.

Yes, I did actually get calls (some more than once) from all of those mentioned above.

But isn’t this kid a heart breaker? Adorable right? I am so happy to be his mama.

great smile gabriel and backpack


To celebrate this first day of school, I want to share something with you that I started when Gabriel went to preschool. I wanted an easy way to get to know his teacher and found a survey similar to this one. The teacher can circle his / her choices and write in some of his / her favorite things. Throughout the year, for holidays and for the end of the year, we bought thoughtful gifts based on his teacher’s answers.


When I was in high school I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I was able to participate in a program where I helped a teacher during her school year and I learned very quickly what a challenging and selfless job it is. I also decided that teaching would not be my career path. My heart and prayers go to every teacher and coach. Your influence is priceless and I am thankful you have the patience and desire to teach my children that I lack. Our teachers need to be loved on and continually shown gratitude.

If you have any favorite teacher gifts or thoughtful ways to show your gratitude toward our educators please share them in the comments or over in our thoughtful mamas group!

walking into school