An Open Letter to Moms: Why I Created the Back to School Box

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Do you remember last year’s first day of school?

You spent the weekend getting ready. Clothes, snacks, lunches.

Bath, books and an early bedtime.

You finally get everyone to sleep the night before school starts and take a deep breathe as you crawl into bed.

As you are scrolling pinterest you realize you probably need to take first day of school photos and you need a sign.

You get up from your bed, head to your computer to download and print a sign.

You search pinterest for the perfect free download.

An hour later you have found just the right sign. You go to download and you realize you have to enter your email and they will email it to you.

Sure. You agree, then go check your email.

You refresh your email.

You wait.

You check again but still no email.

So you go back to pinterest to find another sign to download.

You find another one you like almost just as much and go to hit print. But as you do your printer lets you know you are out of ink.

Two hours later you have no printed sign. You say screw it and go to bed.

You wake up the next morning and everyone is running slow, like super slow including you because you stayed up way too late trying to print a stupid sign. 

You get the kids off to school. 

You come home and are casually scrolling through facebook to see everyone’s posts about their special back to school breakfast.

You are pretty sure you fed all of your kids this morning. It certainly wasn’t anything special or post worthy. And then mom guilt sets in.

Your thoughts read something like this: 

“You really should have picked up a few items on your last Target run. Why didn’t you think to get a teacher gift for the first day of school? That breakfast was so cute. I could have done that, it looked pretty simple.” 

And then you think to yourself “Next year I will be more prepared.” 

Well mama, this is your year and I have got you covered.

Imagine taking just a few minutes the night before to setup items that have been thoughtfully designed just for you.

Imagine your kids delight as they wake up to a special breakfast.

Imagine feeling like a super mom and those getting extra hugs. 

Imagine getting a box of goodies delivered straight to your door the week before school starts.

This is what we do. This is who we are.
We make people feel special.
We help you make your kids feel special.
We help you create traditions.  
We help you have delightful memories year after year.
And most of all we make it easy just for you.

Friends, this was my story the day before my oldest son’s very first day of school. And you know what? I am the mom that almost always has some type of plan and you know I love to celebrate so this can happen to any of us, even the best of us.

I created the Back to School Thoughtful Tradition box for moms just like me and you who want to celebrate with our children, who want to have special traditions and who want our kids to know how loved they are.

But we can’t do it all. We just can’t.

You know they say it takes a tribe to raise a child. Mama, let me be part of your tribe. Let me handle the details for a fun tradition as the kids go back to school and you focus on all the other things the kids need like underwear, school supplies and snacks!

Order your box of goodies today and then relax and enjoy this special tradition.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey Arnal