52 Weeks: Week Five

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This week one of my friends, who is also soooo helpful when I need someone to watch Connor, had a rough week. Her husband had an accident and has been unable to move. She has 4 active kiddos at home and I know she was feeling stressed and tired.

I still haven’t been 100% health wise this week, but I wanted to serve her and needed to keep it simple. I decided to bring the BBQ sliders I did the second week.

I am so happy she was my meal this week because I ended up not letting the pork sit long enough in the crock pot and had to bring the pork in the crock pot to her house so it could cook a little longer! Food delivery fail. But she was gracious and didn’t care.

I have said this the past few weeks but I feel like I need to say it again. I am incredible grateful for what this project has brought to me. Being able to serve another deserving mom and for just a moment not worry about my own self has been beyond powerful, healing even.

If you are just now learning about my project, make sure to read why I felt called to add this to my 2019 goals and I encourage you to ask, serve and share this week!

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey

Recipe + Cover Photo From One Classy Dish