52 Meals: Week Two

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I made my first meal of 2019 for my “52 Meals” project last Saturday.

I had polled friends on Facebook what they would want and I had a lot of people request breakfast so I decided to make breakfast burritos that could easily be frozen and used for any meal.

I love breakfast for dinner. Don’t you?

I am not a great cook so I all of my meals are pretty simple.

These breakfast burritos were easy but they took much longer to put together than I anticipated. From start to finish I spent about two hours.

I did end up having to cook more eggs and bacon which added to the time. One thing I didn’t do was read the ingredients well so I purchased the wrong tortillas. I ordered the fajita size and the recipe suggested burrito size. I agree. The fajita size was a little small so I would suggest the larger size.

With one dozen eggs and a package of bacon I was able to make 14 burritos. I bought 20 tortillas so my goal was to do 16 for my friend and then have 4 to serve my own family breakfast. I cooked another package of bacon and 7 more eggs so that I could finish off the 20 burritos.

Overall I was really happy with how these turned out. I did learn that I am the worlds worst burrito wrapper and probably should improve this skill. Honestly though. Who knew wrapping a burrito could be so difficult? I wrapped each burrito in wax paper and put them in two large ziplock bags. I said a quick prayer over them and dropped them off to a very deserving mama.

This week I am going to make something else but I will keep the breakfast burritos in my rotation because I think they will be enjoyed.

I was provided an opportunity to serve a woman in my church this week. Her husband is in the hospital and I know that eating hospital food and eating out adds up quickly and gets old. Over the past few years we have been in and out of the hospital with my husband’s cancer. I have eaten my fair share of cafeteria food while waiting for scans, surgery and recovery. I decided to put together a basket of items that I might want while in the hospital.

A few tips if you are delivering to the hospital.

  1. Check with the hospital and make sure they don’t have any restrictions.
  2. Check  for any food allergies.
  3. Consider single serve items. There are no leftovers and they can grab and go when needed.
  4. If you bake or cook something, put the date the food was prepared.
  5. If you bring something that needs to stay cold, these small insulated bags are great.

Here is what I included in my basket:

  • Cozy Blanket. It always seems to be cold in hospitals and I preferred having my own blanket.
  • Hand Lotion. Something like this that smells really good and one that you may not buy for yourself feels like a special treat.
  • Cookies. Cookies may be one of my favorite comfort foods. Bake your own or grab a few of these.
  • Apples + Oranges. It’s refreshing to have something fresh and healthy plus they stay really well without refrigeration.
  • Granola Bars. These are filling and great anytime for a snack or even breakfast.
  • Something Salty. Trail mix, chips, popcorn and pretzels!
  • Something Sweet. Have a sweet treat is always a comfort. These dove chocolates are my favorite.

I also put together an easy meal that I thought would heat up well and be comfort food. I purchased pulled pork from Costco, added my favorite BBQ sauce and paired it with Hawaiian sweet rolls with warm mac n cheese plus a fresh salad on the side. I put the mac n cheese and salad in these individual containers. I love these and will be using them a lot for my “52 meals” project. There are three different sizes, they travel well and are great for delivering and storing food.

I am praying each week for who I should be serving and I am already feeling highly blessed by this challenge. I also appreciate all YOUR enthusiasm and excitement in joining me!! I have spoke to at least a dozen women personally this week that have jumped on board to deliver a meal weekly. Wow! I am overwhelmed and oh so grateful.

If you are just now learning about my project, make sure to read why I felt called to add this to my 2019 goals. I encourage you to ask, serve and share this week!

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey