52 Meals: Week Four

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This week was one of those really hard weeks. I have been struggling with some health issues that have kept me in bed all week and although I am not quite ready to share all the details, it’s been tough.

The week prior, I was scrolling on facebook and saw that a friend of mine in the wedding industry was going to be having a rough week. At the time I had no idea that my week would look the way it did so I reached out and offered to provide a meal. After speaking with them and knowing their situation a little better, I reached out and asked if anyone else would want to provide another meal. A very sweet mama in my facebook group jumped to the challenge and oh how grateful I am for her love and service. I know the family that we delivered to were also filled with gratitude.

Even though the days leading up to delivering the meal were pretty awful, I was so grateful to be able to dive into this service and for just a moment not wallow in my own situation. My husband was generous enough to drive me to their home and I dropped off a special meal that probably meant more to me than them.

Because I wasn’t feeling 100% I decided to do one of my favorite crockpot meals. My mom and dad were kind enough to go to the grocery store and pick up all the items I needed. I typically do most of my grocery shopping online but some things I either can’t get or can be much more expensive so I was grateful they were able to pick up a few things for me.

For the main dish I made pot roast in the crock pot and then transferred to these disposable pans. I keep it simple and use one family size can of cream of mushroom, one package of onion soup, chuck roast, baby carrots and red potatoes. I love pot roast because it almost always can be used for more than one meal, it reheats really nicely and its just a warm comfort food that is easy to make.

I added a salad although I didn’t even take it out of the bag. My mom picked up a lovely salad kit that include some fun toppings and a special dressing and even though I had never had it, it looked really yummy. I felt lazy for not putting it together but I was doing the best I could and just decided to save the energy.

My favorite rolls I ordered from Amazon. They are so delicious and I thought they would be a perfect side to the pot roast so I baked those for about five minutes and then added them to my bag.

The family I was serving are professional bakers so I knew dessert would need to be creative. I couldn’t come up with anything so I just decided on girl scout cookies. I mean you can’t go wrong with girl scout cookies right?

I also added a bottle of Pellegrino because I love sparkling water and it always makes my meal feel a little more special.  And last but not least, I knew they had a toddler so I put together a little treat bag just for him. I filled it up with fruit snacks, pretzels, granola bars, oranges and a few little toys to brighten his day. He was so excited and it really brightened my day.

Friends, this challenge of 52 meals has served me way more than I ever expected. I have loved providing meals to four amazing women and their families and I am excited to serve 48 more!

If you are just now learning about my project, make sure to read why I felt called to add this to my 2019 goals and I encourage you to ask, serve and share this week!

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Thoughtfully, Chelsey