24 Hours in Milan

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My first trip to Milan last October was incredible. I couldn’t wait to return again this year!

I was invited to a travel conference and got to spend four days learning about some of the best experiences all over the world including the most amazing locations for a destination wedding.

One of my favorite experiences that I had in Milan, and probably share with many others, is getting off the metro for the first time, walking up the stairs and boom! You walk right into the amazing Duomo. It is truly breathtaking.

Milan seems to be a short stop for most travelers. They often fly in and out of MXP to get to other destinations or just spend one night before they take the train to Florence or Venice. If you are traveling to Milan and only have one day, here are a few of my favorite things to do in the city.

The duomo is the symbol of Milan and is a magnificent cathedral. It is the largest and arguably the most elaborate building in Italy. I haven’t got a chance to climb to the rooftop yet but I can imagine the views are incredible.

The Last Supper
I am sooo sad that I have been to Milan twice and still haven’t got to see The Last Supper. The first time I went, I bought my ticket and slept through my scheduled tour. Jet lag got the best of me! Tickets are hard to come by on short notice as the museum has very limited times available to view so I wasn’t able to get another ticket during the time frame I was there. This trip I was also short on time and wasn’t able find a time to go. I would highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as soon as you know you are going. You can’t just walk in and see the painting. It is enclosed in a room and you have to purchase a ticket. They give you 15 minutes to get in and get out.

The Navigli District 
This cute little area of Milan might be my favorite. It’s quiet in the morning with shops mostly closed until lunch. Around noon, the river awakens as people enjoy long lunches on the patio overlooking the water, late afternoon apertivos and in the evening the gathering of friends and family for dinner.

I am not a big shopper and fashion these days consists of mainly yoga pants and comfortable jeans. But when I think of Milan I can’t help but want to indulge in the fashion culture here. Plus the The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the most beautiful shopping mall I have ever seen. It is Italy’s oldest active shopping mall and one of the major landmarks of Milan. From favorite brands like Louis Vitton to Gucci there is plenty of luxury shopping to do. But even if you don’t intend on picking up a new bag or outfit, you have to walk through and enjoy the architecture and design of this building.

Rooftop Market at La Rinascente
The view alone is worth stopping by this location. Once you reach the 7th floor, you are welcomed by a market full of shopping and restaurant options that overlook the Duomo. Try to go at sunset. The view and atmosphere is amazing.

I picked up a bottle of pepper chinos for my mom. She loves anything spicy and apparently this is the most amazing spice. Two of the women I was with put it on everything while we were in Italy. I don’t love the extra kick so I am going to take their word for it but my mom loved it. I also purchased a few bottles of olive oil because olive oil from Italy is just so much better than from home. It is literally so good I could probably drink it straight from the bottle. Anyone else?

After shopping, we ate at Maio one of the many restaurants at the market, and the food was delicious! We had an outstanding meat and cheese tray, traditional mozzarella salad and lots of yummy pasta!

When I travel, I love to bring home my favorite meals and even decor ideas.  I loved the fresh rosemary on the tables here and when I got home I made sure to pick up a few of these. They now sit on my dining room table and I when I see them I pretend I am back in Italy, even if its for a short moment.

Milan was the first city that I went to in Italy so it will always have a special place in my heart. The Duomo is amazing, the shopping and food is outstanding and even though it may be a short 24 hour stop for most travelers,  it has so much to see and do that you could easily spend more time here. I hope to visit again very soon!

Thoughtfully, Chelsey