200+ Social Media Prompts

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Social media can get a bad rap sometimes but for me, it’s one of my favorite tools.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience, a wonderful tool for celebration, and it can be used for goodness in the world.

The past few years I have been hosting ‘social media planning days’. Through these events, I have been able to share and gain so much knowledge with business owners on how improve social media marketing.

From the knowledge of these incredible events and my own diligent research, I put together an easy how to guide called the “5 Steps to a Thoughtful Social Media Marketing Plan.”

As a celebration cheerleader, someone who loves to celebrate randomly, a holiday enthusiast and an ambitious entrepreneur, I have found a love for social media over the years.

I often compare connecting with clients on social media to throwing a party.

As a professional event planner for the past fifteen years, I love curating thoughtful details that inspire a memorable experience.

Many of the steps needed to plan a successful event, are the same steps that can be used to create authentic social media content that leads to more engaged customers and increased revenue.

So what exactly is a social media marketing plan and why do you need one?

A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to achieve for your business using social networks. 

This download will assist you in reviewing your social media goals, brainstorming ideas to develop new content, create a content calendar for the entire year and allow you to define clear objectives and goals to measure your success. You will be guided through the following five steps:

Step One: Create Marketing Objectives and Goals 

Step Two: Conduct a Social Media Audit 

Step Three: Gather Inspiration 

Step Four: Create a Content Calendar 

Step Five: Test, Evaluate and Adjust 

Social media marketing takes thoughtfulness, time, strategy, consistency and ultimately it’s all about earning trust from your ideal client.

This download will guide you as you create content that helps serve them and earns their trust through authentic, thoughtful content.

It’s time we celebrate social media and use it to help celebrate your customers and your success!

PLUS this download has over 200 prompts that you can use to connect with your customers on social media!

You are going to fill 365 days of content in no time with these thoughtful prompts!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on instagram!

Being in quarantine all over the world, people are online more than ever. NOW is an amazing time to work on your marketing plan! Let’s start celebrating social media! 

Thoughtfully, Chelsey